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    Quote Originally Posted by dr. d View Post
    i do not see how this is different from the popcars of the 60s..
    the "demonstration" leaves many questions unanswered in my mind.
    for one, why does he not simply remove the "coil", to save on weight? i mean, the battery can certainly power the vehicle by itself.. if he says the coil is needed to charge the battery, then that means someone is paying meralco for the energy... it's not really free..

    The inventor claims his system is very efficient. Almost to the point that the small battery can power his car for long distances as compared to typical electric cars which require a large battery pack to travel the same distance.

    Personally I am not sold on the idea. But I would like to have a closer look on the car's layout and how it was wired together.

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    Jun 2015
    hey if you want a self charging electric car. look for gitano

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