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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by gerald_g View Post
    I saw in the ads that the lower the down payment the better the freebies/add ons. It means kasi na mas malaki kinita nila sa interest.
    Yup, the promo for the add-on accessories are only for the 10% low downpayment option. I'm also gonna wait for the stock DVD/GPS head unit.

    Does Chevrolet offer the 18" wheels as an option? Mas maganda ang tindig ng Orlando e. All their ads are actually misleading since they're using the 16" wheels but retouched to look like 18".

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    Jul 2005
    how long does it usually take to get license plates? baka april 1 ko makuha unit ko daw, excited na ako gamitin. can you drive it na maski wala pang license plates?

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    i got mine in less than a month. pweding pwedi gamitin. basta meron ka vehicle delivery receipt. if ever parahin ka, you can show that your car is really brand new.

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    Jul 2005
    thanks, this will be my first brand new car. puro 2nd hand lagi kasi.

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    congrats reuben......

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    Feb 2008
    hi guys!
    just got my Lando far I'm loving it....I'll join that planned Orlando club anytime...

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    Jan 2012
    Congrats Reuben and Ulrich, pareho kami ni Reuben. First car was second hand and this is my first brand new unit. For driving without license plate, the dealer has that figured out na. Besides the original yellow sales invoice you'll get 3 copies of the invoice post dated 1 week apart each so you'll begood to drive for at least a month without plates. Just be careful to show the mmda or pulis the copy of the invoice that came after you get pulled over. I got mine after 45 days pa so had to come back for 2 additional copies. The good thing is I was never stopped that whole time, probably because they see the Orlando and quickly think its new so they dont bother. One other thing, while you dont have plates the last digit on your conduction sticker is what they'll check for number coding so be mindful of that.
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    Mar 2004
    Last digit of conduction sticker only applicable in Makati.
    Orlando is now priced at 1.238M close to Subaru XV price of 1.288M.

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    Mar 2009
    Saw an Orlando last Thursday... mababa pala siya. Can be an alternative for the Innova, and IMO, it looks better than the Innova too.

    I don't know how reliable is it, though. We still can't tell. Time only will. And if the after-sales support is good enough, including the abundance of replacement parts. But as long as the vehicle is built well, that shouldn't be a problem for at least the next 3-5 years.

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    Jun 2008
    Saw a white one in Subic last week, and was impressed with the looks di pala siya minivan looking. Then kahapon sa MIAS I checked the display unit. Tama mababa siya with the 215/60 R16, halos 6 inches ground clearance lang though mas madali ang ingress at egress. Napansin ko lang yung AC vent niya sa second row ay nasa floor at walang vent sa 3rd row.

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