Hi guys,

Before I raid job listings and recruitment fairs, I would want to ask whether we have Tsikoteers (or your friends) who are experienced in retail operations. I'm in the process of founding a start-up involving retail operations in the country alongside friends. However, we're not experienced in retail as two of us are in manufacturing and one is in information technology. As such we're looking for an operations person to run daily operations while grooming us on how a retail operation is run.

Hopefully I'm looking for people coming from the retail giants in the country. Stores Specialists, Primer Group of Companies, etc. with experience in managing a retail space in malls. If they have experience in running an athletic store (ex. Nike, Adidas, RUNNR, Toby's, etc.) then that'll be a huge plus since we're trying to gun for that direction. By "retail operations", the best would be an operational manager but I'm guessing a branch/store manager would also suffice.

If you know somebody who fits the description, feel free to hit me with a PM for more details. Would gladly want to have a chat with him/her over coffee.