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    Sep 2005
    check nyo din yung materials used.. may mga condo ang ginagamit na divider between units eh gypsum lang.. delikado for security purposes lalo na kung wala parating naka stay sa unit.. kayang kayang butasin.. tapos problem din sa noise.. rinig na rinig yung ingay sa hallway and sa kapitbahay..

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    May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow View Post
    2 bedrooms at least...huwag ka bili ng 1 BD or studio..walang kwenta
    depende sa location kung paparent mo. dun sa alam ko medyo natetenga ang 2bedroom sa rental. while yung 1bedroom halos di natetenga. ayaw pa nga umalis eh.
    same goes with selling. yung 2 bedroom medyo matagal madispose while yung 1bedroom mas madali madispose.

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    May 2012
    begin with an end in mind.
    what would you need a condo for? titirahan mo ba o pauupahan mo?
    what kind of investment do you want? will you be selling it sooner or later or for keeps mo sya till the developer decides to buy it back and build a new project for it.

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    Oct 2002
    Federal Land ang developer. Medyo highend sya.

    How many units ba per floor ang considered na madami?

    5 elevators serving 42 floors (pero service elevator yata yung isa)

    May mall sa baba so pwede dun magpark ang bisita.

    Right now, investment sana ang purpose ko for buying a unit. But upon turn over ng unit, baka I may decide to use it depende na sa circumstances by that time.

    Gaano ba kadali mabenta ang mga condo units dyan sa Fort area? and anong ballpark figure ang returns on investment?

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    Sep 2005
    medyo madami na ding condos sa fort.. check mo sa mga online selling shops.. daming for sale.. usually nasa 100T to 130T per sqm na sa fort.. depende sa location and developer..

    my boss recently disposed his unit in one of the Ayala condos sa fort.. 3BR.. medyo mahirap maghanap nang buyer..

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    Jun 2004
    Federal land? Yan ba yun malapit sa kalayaan side na? O tabi yata ng lexus? Ok naman fedland nun na check ko yun bay garden nila sa macapagal. Hndi crowded per floor na di katulad ng smdc na pila daw sa elevator pagrushi hour

    Sa fort ang 1BR 40K per month ang rent sa ngayon.

    Ayaw nyo yun malapit sa high st?
    Dati nagtanong ako alveo south boni 4.5M 40sqm na 1 bedroom

    Tas avida sa may lexus, 40sqm na studio type, ikaw nalang magalagay partition kung gusto mo ang presyo sa pagkakaalala ko 3M o 3.5M yata. Ito pinaka murang nakita ko sa fort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boybi View Post
    I was offered a good payment term for a condo unit in the Fort area. Since I was offered a pre-selling price, I was told I can sell it in the future with good returns. I may also rent it out at a good monthly rental price. I may also decide to use it when my children goes to college, but I think Fort is a little far from the big universities.

    Is buying a condo unit a good investment? If I'm going to sell it later or rent it out, how many bedrooms should I get for easier disposal?
    Which condo is this and by which developer? The sales person is not the most reliable person to believe in, you can do your own research or we can give comments about particular projects and developers.

    Condo investment can be good and bad, depending on location (where specifically in the Fort), price point you acquired it (pre-selling at how much per sqm), the developer, then later on, also depends on the homeowner's association. Also, be ready to pay monthly association dues which can range from P60-P200 per sqm depending on the amenities and branding.

    At The Fort, don't think that it will be easy to rent it out, there's so much over supply right now. Rentals will be better once more offices migrate to The Fort especially call centers, or if graduate schools and business schools start appearing at The Fort, because these are the primary renters of condo units.

    If selling later on, return on your investment depends on how low is your acquisition price, the running market rate when you sell it, and the level of improvement (or degradation) done to the condo unit.

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    Sep 2005
    i think the condo he is referring to is Park West.. near Lexus.. medyo malayo sa mga amenities..

    mahal na din parking slot dyan sa fort.. could go from 700T to 1M per slot..

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    Oct 2009
    Kung around 2M to 4M lang, worth na investment - kasi madali lang ibenta ang ganyang price range assuming location is good. At kung ipaparent, puede pa ring iparing paupahan.

    Pero kung nasa 10M or more na yan, kahit maganda location mahirap ng ibenta yan....pang sariling gamit puede.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by cast_no_shadow View Post
    (Medyo class ang dating)
    Century Properties

    SMDC crowded ang gawa nila, andaming units per floor. Iba dumiskarte si henry sy hindi exclusivity ang habol niya.
    Century Properties - I find their projects too "TH" with all that lifestyle kuno pa-image but the feedback i get is the quality leaves some to be desired and with all those supposed amenities, mahal ng association fees nyan. If you're going high end, Ayala and Rockwell will still trump them.
    Megaworld: I just don't like the way they plan their developments as it turns out too crowded and poorly laid-out (i.e. Eastwood and Resorts World).

    Developers i would usually go with are Ayala, Rockwell, Robinsons and DMCI. I have no feedback on Federaland but since this is part of the Metrobank group, i'd surmise they will get the project done.
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