Hey guys, this is a shameless plug, but it might help for people who need really good quality used cars. Would just like to share the opening of our very first branch of Autokid Manila. Our specialties are Hondas and Toyotas . Below are pictures of the actual dealership.

Why we are different from other dealers?

- we own every car there, we do not accept consignments, so we try our best to keep the quality of the cars high.
- we will never sell flooded or damaged cars to our customers
- we sell our cars at a lower price compared to others
- we are not in business just for a quick buck.
- we are very transparent to our customers
- and many more perks! hehe

Here are actual pictures of our dealership:


We also have an ongoing promo for the holidays! We are giving away a free garmin GPS for even car purchase

For inquiries please contact us at

Kim / Kevin

Globe (0917) 898 8543
Sun (0923) 730 5452
Tel 788 6728
Telefax 416 5860


289 G. Araneta Ave. Cor. Mauban St.
Quezon City, Brgy. Manresa

Autokid Website

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