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    Sep 2007
    Dear colleagues,
    me marecommend ba kayo na good speed sensing door lock? what i have is just the basic central locking door locks. Madali lang din ba install ito? also when you say speed sensing door locks does it mean meron na rin alarm ito or just the basic locking mechanism? will it void the warranty of a brand new vehicle if pa install ko sa labas ng casa?

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    Jun 2010
    sir pareho lang ata yun function nyan with my Force Alarm ignition sensing yun door locks nya... dati yun cobra alarm ko naman brake sensing... i think itatap lang ng magaling na auto electrician sa acceleration naman yun door locking nya.

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    Jul 2007
    kapag speed sensing, door locks once your vehicle reaches a certain speed. for my innova it's 30km/h. most aftermarket alarms ay naglock ang door kapag apakan ang brake. let's wait for others who has this feature in their aftermarket alarms.

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    Jul 2010
    Ewan ko lang sa ibang unit,pero sa KIA Sorento ay na-pro-program ito.(Check the thread of KIA Sorento)

    Sa akin ay included sa feature ng sasakyan...20kph, autolock...

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    Oct 2002
    Does anybody know if there is a kit for this being sold? I really don't need a full car alarm. I just need the locks to lock automatically, either thru speed sensing, or at the press of the brake pedal.

    Thinking about doing a DIY if you connect it with the brake pedal but not really sure how.

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    Sep 2005
    usually feature to nang alarm..

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    Oct 2002
    May nakita akong ganito:

    Not sure if being sold locally.
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    Merong trigger yan either from the alarm or the central locking itself. Ita-tap yan sa speedometer sensor plug sa likod ng speedometer assembly (sa nissans, halos katabi ito ng slot where you plug the speedo cable in).

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    Oct 2002

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    Aug 2008
    Pwede bumili ng 1 unit lang sa Aliexpress...

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Speed Sensing Door locks