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    Nov 2010
    Masyado kasing mababa ung buga ng ilaw. I want to know how to adjust for cars like, Toyota Corolla '89 , Mitsubishi Adventure '00 and Mercedes-Benz 230 sedan.

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    Mar 2010
    May mga screw lang yan na kailangan ikutin para ma adjust. Hanap hanapin mo lang sa paligid ng assembly.

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    Nov 2010
    Thank you sir!

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    Jan 2008
    Proper aiming of the lamps will help keep you from blinding people, but the fact is that in some circumstances, coming over the crest of a hill for instance, the concentrated light from the H4 will bother motorists no matter whether you've got 55 watts or 130. Passing can also be a problem if your headlamps are aimed too high. The "hot spot" of your beam may shine right on the motorist's mirrors and into their eyes. Makes them rather cranky. If you see your beam pattern heading toward their mirror, just pick up the pace a bit and re-align your headlamps as soon as you can.

    Before you start, your tire pressures should be correct and your gas tank maybe half full for best accuracy.

    Here's a good template to follow:

    Click the image to view full size

    STEP 1:
    Begin by finding a level surface and a vertical garage door or wall. Park the vehicle close to the wall and mark the lights' horizontal centerlines with masking tape. This will be line A-A in the template above, which should be around 26-inches up from the ground.

    STEP 2:
    Next, mark the low beams' vertical centerlines. This will be lines B-B and C-C in the template above. For better precision, stand behind the car at its center point and, looking through the rear windshield, then guide a friend in marking the vertical centerlines. Marking the vehicle's centerline is also helpful to verify side-to-side alignment.

    STEP 3:
    Move the vehicle 25 feet away from the wall you just marked, pointing straight ahead. Use the lights' horizontal- and vertical-adjusting screws to position the low beams' intensity zones 1.5-inches below and to the right of the taped centerlines.

    Click the image to view full size

    The low beam pattern of a visually-aimable headlamp has a distinct horizontal cutoff. Below the cutoff is bright light. Above the cutoff is dark. The aim is determined by measuring and adjusting the height of this cutoff relative to the reference marks you plotted on the wall.

    After adjusting a high/low beam headlamp in the low beam mode, do not attempt to readjust it in high beam mode. All high/low beam headlamps are meant to be adjusted on the low beam setting only--the high beam adjustment is correct when the low beam adjustment is correct. If you are experiencing a problem where setting the low beams correctly places the high beams too high, but setting the high beams correctly places the low beams too low, you may have a poorly-designed bulb, or a bulb that is not from a known good manufacturer. Consider changing to bulbs from Philips, Osram, and other known manufacturers.

Headlight Focus adjustment