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    Nissan Sentra 1.3 GX M/T (all power) is my first car. I already sold it because it was flooded and I'm planning to buy a new one. The Toyota Vios 1.3 E M/T is my wife's company car. For me, here are the pros and cons:

    > More affordable! Nissan offers huge discounts compared to Toyota
    > more classic exterior design
    > Powerful aircon (this is an understatement) also, it just takes a few minutes for the car to become cold, unlike the Vios
    > Bigger body, full sedan...but less HP, hence slower vs the Vios and the City
    > hirap sa uphill drives vs the Vios
    > upholstery of the seats are not that nice. This is not a major problem though since it's very easy naman to have this re-upholstered or have a leather seat cover (just like in my case)
    > 2 speakers only! Nagpa-install pa ako ng additional 2 speakers + subwoofer
    > POOR RE-SALE VALUE (I sold mine for only P280k, well okay na rin since it was flooded naman )

    > easy/fun to drive
    > easier to park
    > more fuel efficient
    > more compact
    > better interior finish
    > medyo matagal lumamig yung aircon vs Sentra

    For me though, I still prefer the Sentra. May sentimental value for me. hehehe! Good luck, bro!
    which is easier / cheaper to maintain?

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    Both are easy to maintain. Affordable parts and good after-sales service for Toyota and Nissan.

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