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    Paturo ka kay Webson

    Meron din naman kasi D mode sa Grand Starex kung ayaw mo gamitin yung sequential manual mode.

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    Mar 2011
    Sana may foorum dito na how to drive Automatic Cars with Sequential Modes

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMPEROR View Post
    Sana may foorum dito na how to drive Automatic Cars with Sequential Modes
    Search mo na lang sa searc h menu boss. Meron na nga yan AFAIK. or backread ka dun sa A/T vs M/T tranny thread. dami pwede mo makuhang idea dun.

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    Just leave it in Drive and the car will do fine. Sequential mode is for people who want to have a bit of fun with the car. You also need it to access lower gears as you would do in a manual transmission car (e.g. for engine braking). That's about it.

    I drive cars with these sequential thingies a lot and I just leave it at D for the daily commute. For track use or emergency response, sometimes I venture into manual mode. Or when I need engine braking (e.g. long downhill drives).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rollyic View Post
    which do you think is much better?
    thanks a lot....its for our future reference
    Super grandia is intended merely for Asian market as the body will surely not pass in Europe.What is available here is the wedge type for safety reason of course, and better aero dynamics for more acceptable fuel economy. The Grand starex(H-1) on the other hand,is available in europe,so safety wise,this is much better option than the super grandia IMHO. Reliability? time will tell.

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    ok na rn ba kahit starex na tci?

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    The TCI is lacking a few features (passenger airbag).

    Power is comparable to the hiace kasi old engine na.

    Yung VGT yung malakas

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    On fuel economy!!!

    1st Toyota Grandia got 11-12/ltrs hway/city

    2nd Grandstarex Vgt got 8-9/ltrs hway/cty

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    I am thinking of buying a van and I am ONLY looking at these 2 vehicles. For the Hyundai, it's not the TCI variant and for the Toyota, only the Super Grandia and not the Grandia.

    For the owners of both cars, after 3 yrs or more of ownership, do you still think that you made the right choice or would you rather have chosen the SG over the GS and vice versa? Do you think you have fallen into a money pit vehicle?

    I love the GS, from the design, the engine, the whole nine yards, but I am really torn coz even though the SG is pricier, doesn't have a nose, engine is under the seat, etc, I feel like it would last longer in the long run.

    My aunt has a GRX Starex bought on '06, I think, and she said it seems that her van's suspension system is always getting busted after its 4th yr and just this yr, she hears some weird noise in the engine and noises again in her suspension system and when the brake pedal is pressed. She said that when she will buy another van, the SG is her 1st pick but she doesn't like the fact that the engine is under the seat recalling her experience when their used to be brandnew L300 van got older. Ang init daw sa pwet.

    That's why even if on paper the GS looks like a sure winner, I wonder if it will suffer the same fate as my aunt's when it gets older. Ang mahal na daw ng parts, mukhang lagi pang may nasisira.

    That's why I wanna hear from the actual owners of vehicles especially those that have have their vans for more than 4 yrs coz most of the time, problems will only start to appear after the 3rd yr or 4th yr.

    Also, the SG has this look and appeal that whenever I see one, I love its design and the reason is "just because."

    I haven't ridden in a GS but I have driven my aunt's GRX a lot of times. It's ok; smooth, soft. I haven't driven a SG but I have ridden in it in Thailand. Didn't have any problems. The Grandia is a totally different story. I didn't like my experience in it as a passenger thus I am not considering that van.

    By the way, I will drive it most of the time. I will only use it on out of town trips or picking up relatives in the airport and from time to time, use it in the city but I am not going to use it as my daily drive.

    Thanks for your inputs!

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    My family has the previous Gen Starex CRDi and some of my friends have the new gens. I've been on both, and having been on a Grandia, the Starex's comfort and speed is incomparable compared to the Grandia. The Starex is just wonderful to be at. It feels at home, unlike the Grandia, which makes you feel like you're really in a van.

    My family's Starex, despite being on the province and tackles mountainous roads often, is still going strong. It hadn't suffered any major repairs yet, same with my friends' GS. Though we gas up at UniOil or SeaOil and follow the proper maintenance procedure to make sure that the car will be always in its tip top shape.

    Maybe your aunt or her driver doesn't even bother weaving through potholes that's why the suspension of her starex is already broken.

    If the GS will be the standard of comfort, I'm afraid to say that the SG is far from it. Front seats palang e, nasisikipan na ko sa SG compared to the GS.

    But if there's one thing I really like about the Grandia, it's the AC system. On every Hi-Ace i've been in, the AC is ALWAYS freezing cold