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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by orangepedicab View Post
    thanks for the welcome!
    mga sir! tanung ko lang po anong fuel gamit sa montero sport 2.5? Sorry, it was unclear to me. Newbie pa, but i'm still trying to learn^^.the ones i'm familiar with lang is yung diesel and unleaded. so which does the monty use po?
    Montero uses diesel, Fort VVTi uses unleaded...

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    Mar 2009

    Between the 3 i'd get the crv because it's ride is more comfy than the two, but if you're going to need a larger seating capacity, your choice will go down to the two, the FORT and the MONT, Fortuner has issues of the " matagtag ride " while the MONT hasn't.......although the fort looks more macho than the mont, i'd pick the mont for me not to get headaches.

    BTW. montero is a great great ride.

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    Sep 2007
    include the santa fe to your choices para mas maganda ang laban at ang fortuner 2.5 d4d 4x2

    so these will be the choices, montero 2.5 4x2, cr-v 2.0, fortuner 2.7, sta fe 2.2 4x2, fortuner 2.5 d4d 4x2. kung ako ang nasa situation ninyo sir, i will narrow down to 3 choices, fortuner 2.5, montero, and sta fe. why, simple reason, diesel. compared to gas na ang difference ng price per liter is around 6-10 pesos per liter, i'd go to diesel powered suv's.

    pero for me also, an suv means 4x4 capability, so kung kaya pa stretch ang budget, why not get 4x4 variants para talagang masabi na you have an SUV.

    so here will be the order of my choice:
    1. montero
    2. santa fe
    3. fortuner

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    Jun 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by noobskie View Post
    Boss small correction lang, it doesnt matter much naman pero 330Nm lang ata yung peak torque output ng 2.2 crdi ng hyundai. Yung 343Nm na tinutukoy nyo yung sa toyota 3.0 d-4d.

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    Jun 2008

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    Feb 2008
    Eto its a rather unpopular choice pero I will go CR-V on this one barring the Santa Fe kasi wala naman yun sa choices. Sure its gas but you have to consider mileage too. Ewan ko lang sa TS pero sa mileage ko sulit na yung gas with the car's price difference and Honda's 10,000KM interval PMS. I bought a Santa Fe but I didn't buy it because of diesel frugality; bonus na lang yun! I bought it kasi nagagandahan ako sa styling nya and its ride comfort (primary importance to me kaya Fortuner is disqualified ) is the best I have tried in its price range along with probably the RAV4.

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    Jul 2008
    Getting the most of what you paid for and fuel consumption, ika mo?

    For petrol, I'd pick the CRV.

    For diesel, my choice will be the MS 4x2.

    Both will fit your budget. The Sta. Fe is very nice but its more expensive.

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    Jun 2008
    for petrol, id rather choose outlander or forester

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by jozef_10 View Post
    for petrol, id rather choose outlander or forester
    Not in the choices but yeah I agree. Pero CR-V pa rin ang pinaka no non-sense vehicle sa lahat ng gas CUV's.

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    Sep 2003
    If you want to be different, pick the Forester 2.5T Turbo...

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