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    Apr 2007
    For me the Yaris, But for you which is better among this three hatchbacks?

    Honda Jazz

    Suzuki Swift

    Toyota Yaris

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    Nov 2002
    Looks - Swift
    Fuel Economy, space and versatility - Jazz
    Reliability - Yaris

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    Oct 2002
    Each vehicle in your choices has it's pro & con.

    Honda Jazz: bigger interior space for cargo. Aftermarket mods are very much available for this car for power & looks. Rear seats are "comfortable" for short trips but lacks better padding for longer drives. The CVT transmission delivers smooth power with good fuel economy. 1.3L and 1.5L gives similar performance at lower speeds up to around 80kph.

    Suzuki Swift: exterior styling is somewhat influenced by the Mini Cooper which is good if you are a fan of the Mini. The interior slightly on the trendy side with nice looking gauges and well placed controls although it is a bit snug for larger people. I think the car is available only in 1.5L automatic with typical fuel economy.

    Toyota Yaris: the interior space is small but sits four people comfortably. The center mounted gauges gets a bit of getting used to. Legroom is a bit more generous than the previous model.

    All listed cars handles well for it's class.

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    Aug 2004
    The class itself actually handles well compared to everything else on the road.

    But your choice will depend on what you really want.

    If balls-out driving 24-7 is your thing, the Jazz wins, period. It's one of the best-handling cars on the market... one of the few locally sold "cheap" cars that can possibly outhandle the SiR, the Lynx RS or the Mazda3. The Swift comes close, I guess, but I'd need some time to thrash it away from the regular short test-drives to find out. Still, European testers rate it highly. The Yaris comes a distant third.

    If your idea of a fun time is going to the mall in rush hour traffic with three other friends, the Yaris is the most comfortable. The Jazz follows... but, yeah, the seats are hard. The Swift comes third... it's good mostly for dates, the second row being really cramped.

    But if that shopping nets a ton of stuff... Jazz. Period.

    If you want people to look at you... the Swift is it.

    And... search... there are tons of threads here about these three cars.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Sep 2007
    id go w/ honda jazz... parang mas sturdy sha w/ its body... di ung tipo ng swift or yaris na pag may nag-overtake na bus eh lilipadin sa tabi... ehehhehe...

    suzuki swift = trying hard na mini cooper

    toyota yaris = di mo maintindihan kung hatchback o bug... ehehehhe...

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    Dec 2006

    matigas ang clutch ng yaris..

    sobra liit naman ng swift..

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    Nov 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by mazrev View Post

    matigas ang clutch ng yaris..

    sobra liit naman ng swift..
    pre,i like swift very much coz its cbu japan and car of the year pa. wala ka nang hahanapin pa. durability and fuel efficiency talo ang iba.

Toyota Yaris vs. Honda Jazz vs. Suzuki Swift: Which is better?