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    Oct 2002
    for onroad driving comfort, id take the pajero, prado and last the patrol,

    for resale value, i'd take the prado, pajero then the patrol.

    for offroad worthiness, patrol, prado, pajero.

    but for my needs, patrol, prado then pajero. although i have the pajero in my parking lot because my dad values riding comfort over offroadability of an suv.

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    Mar 2006
    Don't just belittle a stock Pajero over a modified Patrol. The MASTC hurts the Patrol and Prado on climbs shows.

    But all are good, they're all proper '4X4s' and don't get me start debating with all the LC fans. For maintenance, best would be the Patrol because of the solid engine, and full solid axles. I assume the Pajero would be the maintenance sucker, IFS (Front and Rear), complicated DiD engine, and probably has more electronics than its competitor. The Prado would can be in the middle.

    Source: Australian forums.

    As a 4x4, I have to take the Pajero. It just looks freakin great! But a Patrol can also be tempting, considering the solid axles front and rear.

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    Jan 2009
    Hi All!

    Im buying tomorrow a 2003(Sept) Presidential edition Patrol 4X4 Gas 4.5L engine.
    It has quite a decent price with only 48km mileage.

    Did you hear any negative feedback on this car?

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    Jan 2006
    I was able to drive Prado and patrol as our company car, mas agile ang Prado kasi mas malaki ang patrol. Tried in a sandy beach house road both fared the same to me.. more space lang ang Patrol.

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    N. Patrol for me...

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    Feb 2009
    are they goin to release a new prado this?

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    Nov 2008
    my pick would be......

    1. Prado
    2. Nissan Patrol
    3. Mitsubishi Pajero

    it all depends on the buyers taste and preference...

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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by neondayne View Post
    my pick would be......

    1. Prado
    2. Nissan Patrol
    3. Mitsubishi Pajero

    it all depends on the buyers taste and preference...


    According to one car magazine, the Pajero is better than the Nissan Patrol Super Safari.........

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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by vpalaciov View Post
    Mga Dre... I have both cars PATROL and PRADO. The best so far is PATROL, my Prado is consuming more fuel than Patrol. Though the design of Patrol stays I heard Prado will have a face lift next year. Hence I recommend you to take another study of PATROL.

    Mas ok yata yung Patrol for off-road and highway driving. Ok siya for off-road kasi mukhang pang heavy duty use yung mga gears and axles nito, mas malaki compare to LC Prado and Pajero. For highway driving naman, mukhang very stable siya because of its wide wheelbase, so pwede siya ihataw kahit sa kurbada without any danger or kaba na tuma-ub. Price-wise, the Patrol is currently the one with the lowest price at 2.595 M, yung LC Prado and yung Pajero nasa 3M range 3M, mukhang very tempting na yung Volvo XC60 instead of LC Prado and Pajero...

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    Apr 2008
    hindi ako masyadong naniniwala sa mga review ng magazine about SUV kung sino ang mas maganda kasi yan mga magazine publishers ay may kanya - kanya din gusto kung minsan nagiging bias sila.

    eto ang mga ranking choices ko:

    1. Nissan Patrol Safari = Spacious, big engine, suspension (hindi na masama), ground clearance (magandang gamitin kahit baha pa), durability (ok sya)

    2. Pajero = Style, Suspension (very comfortable), Space (hindi na masama maliit lang sya ng konti sa safari), big engine din, ground clearance (standard ng kaparehas ng sa field master ng pajero pero mas mataas ng konti), durability (ok din)

    3. Prado = Style suspension (hindi na rin masama), Space (mukhang maliit lang sya tignan sa labas pero kung nasa loob ka medyo malaki na rin parang katulad ng sa pajero), engine (medyo malaki na rin), ground clearance (halos kasing taas sya ng patrol) durability (ok din at kung minsan kilalang mas matibay ito dahil gawa ng toyota at mas naunang nakilala kasi yan dito sa pinas ang land cruiser kesa sa mga SUV na yan)

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toyota prado vs nissan patrol vs mitsubishi pajero