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    Aug 2004
    hello tsikoteers, naghhanap kasi kami ng delivery car. npagisipan namin bili nlng ng van para magamit naman kung walang delivery. kasi kng may delivery, pwde lang matanggal seats sa likod and kung may ppuntahan na maramihan, pwde lang maibalik ang seats. pinagppilian namin ang 2. ano kaya sa inyo? grandia ba or e150? pros and cons? tia

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    Sep 2006
    IMO, while the vehicles you mentioned (esp. Grandia) was designed to move around people, tis not suitable for transporting goods. Well, its just me.

    L200 na lang.

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    Aug 2004
    computer business kasi. pag pick up, maliit lang makakargahan...

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    Oct 2002
    Pick-up with campershell?

    The Grandia will be more efficient although the problem with it is the rear seats are not easily movable/removable.

    The E150 is really a people carrier and has loads of space (and the seats can easily be removed) but there's a fuel consumption penalty and resale isnt as good as the Hiace.

    Hyundai also launched a commercial version of the Starex with a 2.6L na diesel engine... comes in delivery van versions and in shuttle versions.

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    May 2006
    Parang mas ok ang Urvan compared sa pinagpipilian nyo.

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    Oct 2002
    pag sinabi niyong 'maramihan', mga ilan yun? i'd go with the starex CRDi. it's an 8-9 seater with all seats down, and it will carry 5-6 people with cargo at the same time. mejo mahirap kasi yung folding option nung E-150 at Grandia. not much space freed up.

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    Dec 2005
    the e150's 3rd and 4th row bench seats features a quick release mechanism.... pero mabigat ang seats....

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    Nov 2002
    sa gas consumption lang ng e-150 luging lugi na so i think its better to get a diesel van or auv instead..the innova comes to my mind..kasi yung seats easily stowable..di tulad ng sa mga bread box vans

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    Aug 2004
    may pick up na kasi ako., pero prob if may delivery mga 5-10sets ng computer, di na kasya. esp if may kasamang computer table. plan ko una l300 fb. kaya lang, medyo pang delivery lang talaga. di masyado magagamit pag mga out of town trips with friends. may hiace gl kami pero sa dad ko ito. kaya ang isang computer table ng patayo.

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    eto: not e150, but try to find 1996 E350 w/ powerstroke diesel! yan pwedeng pwede!<--rare nga lang, at sad to say, di yan matipid, V10 kasi, pero hatak nyan, sarap!

    pero kung ako sayo, kung gusto mo pandeliver at personal use, hanap ka ng double cab na canter/elf..or ung van-type na elf/canter...meron nyan...<--eto pinagiipunan ko kaysa sa car/van....

    ang advantage ng elf,pwede up to 2 tons!, wag ka lang lalampas ng 6'11" kung di class 2 ka na sa NLEX..dont know kung 2tons is enough for the powerstroke e350, alam ko 5000lbs towing capacity nun...

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toyota hiace grandia or ford e150?