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    Oct 2015
    Hi guys, i'm going to buy a brand new car and i'm torn of choosing between these 3 sedan (Toyota Corolla E MT vs Toyota Corolla G MT vs Honda City 1.8s)

    Ito mga questions ko.

    1. Between altis e (850k) and altis g (893k), Is it worth it to buy the G variants? anu ano ang mga upgrades ng G compare to E? To think baka kasi pede naman sa labas na lang iupgrade yung mga differences ng G to E at baka maka-mura pa.

    2. I'm considering the Honda Civic 1.8s MT but it's 55k difference compare to Toyota Corolla Altis G 1.6 MT. Do the Honda Civic worth the 55k difference (engine, toys) etc?

    Well to be honest ang napupusuan ko dito is the Toyota Corolla 1.6g MT. I'm just asking for 2nd opinion at baka magbago pa isip ko. We all know Toyota and Honda have the best resale value so i'm considering that too. Maintenance toyota is good. How about fuel consumption? I'm planning to keep ut for 5 or more years and this will be my 1st brand new car. I need your honest opinions. Maraming salamat

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    Mar 2007
    You're already decided my friend...follow your heart! Yun lang masasabi ko

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    Jun 2012
    ^agree. Gusto lang ni TS ng confirmation. Go ahead ok yan

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