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    Mar 2013
    Get a toyota. 15 yrs is a long time. Get a ladder frame PPV. Those are engineered to last a long time. Model changes are every ten years. Unlike the models in your list which change every 5 years. I.e if you got a mazda 6 now, by the time you will sell it another 3 generations of new mazda 6's would have been launched rendering your car extremely obsolete and availability of spare parts will be sparse by that time.

    If you got a fortuner which is still new, in 15 years it would only have gone thru one model change. So its not terribly obsolete and spare parts will be in abundance.

    And since youre here so rarely, ease of maintenance is key.

    Driving enjoyment? Theres only driving punishment here in Manila. Hehe.

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    Oct 2002
    Given the really long term ownership, sticking to a mainstream model and popular brand will give you a better chances of finding spare parts and cosmetic panels that deteriorate through the years. A regularly used vehicle will have less issues also versus one that is parked most of the time

    I maintain old cars (old being cars between 15 to 22 years old) and i can say that finding parts becomes a challenge as time moves on. I still have an easier time fixing an old popular model from Toyota, Nissan or Mitsu versus finding certain parts for a relatively new (8 year old) Hyundai.

    Covered parking also pays off in the long run as interior panels and paint lasts way longer.

    I also agree with EQ's advise that a ladder frame SUV such as a Fortuner, Monty Sport, or MU-X will still have parts and value at the end of that time frame.

    Quote Originally Posted by StockEngine View Post
    ok ba ang tech forums ng subi and mazda?

    i hate fb groups na hit and run posts lng hehe

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    If one thinks we're all terrible feeling car experts here... FB multiplies that.
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    Jul 2008
    I don't really like the current Rav4's seats. The fronts are bordering on uncomfortable, while the rear's size and fitment seems like it is designed for another car.

    Agree that PPVs are the best in terms of durability. I'd get the Innova, although it is probably too sedate for you to drive.

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    Sep 2015
    Naman naman tsikoteers.....

    Toyota is overrated and boring.....except the fj cruiser

    Eh few years ago katakot-takot na demanda sa america yan sa dami ng namatay at nagmulta ng bilyones because faulty air bag and gas pedal........... and locally remember the famous oil sludge/gunk ng altis

    Kaya threadstarter have some life. Under 2m check mo mga european brands...

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    Nov 2005
    well here in pinas, toyota is the automatic suggestion if car is to be kept long time.

    But, if I may suggest... since you both can tolerate a Tucson, why not a Kia Sportage? GT line is receiving excellent reviews, it looks gorgeous and it drives well.

    I only had 1 kia so far, a carens, that car never gave me any problem in 10 years of ownership. I also drove Soul and Rio (long term rental) in the past and they drive well.

    I know Kia is not popular in pinas, but the sportage has been around for a long time, I think it's one of the most underrated CUV around.

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    May 2010
    I would suggest that you just rent a car or uber na lang kayo , invest mo na lang sa bank or something yun pera mo
    since OFW family kayo, wala naman gagamit pag alis nyo dito sa pinas?

    e.g. kung 10 days kayo dito sa pinas you can negotiate a car rental for 20k-30k twice a year 60k lang lalabas yearly sa sasakyan mo instead 2m,

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    Oct 2012
    I think ts knows how to follow mainentance schedules. any of his wifes choice is the correct one. 😁

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    Sep 2014
    so based from longetivity, you have only two choices : Adventure or crosswind na lang

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    As someone who has owned three Mazda's (Mazda 626 GE, Mazda3 BK, Mazda6 GG1), buy the d*mn Toyota.

    Subaru's are well made, yes (they retain value very well in the US) but the Fortuner is extremely common, has a high ground clearance, and, well, it's a Toyota.

    Mazda always has been aspirational for me, and their cars look better than the competition, but they are fuel thirsty and things break with alarming frequency.

    When I replaced the suspension on my Mazda3 (at 30K mileage) I was told that on the Vios, the suspension is warrantied for 3 years (not on the Mazda..)

    I will admit I bought a 5-year old used Mazda6 and drove it for another 5 years (until mandatory scrapping) and it had zero issues (toward the end, the starter motor sometimes won't catch, and the A/C started losing refridgerant slowly.. after almost 10 years..!) But this was on glass-smooth roads. I never even got a flat in those 5 years.

    Get the Toyota.
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    Mar 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by minicarph View Post
    so based from longetivity, you have only two choices : Adventure or crosswind na lang
    carpy naman...!
    that's like recommending a papag over a mattress.
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