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    Feb 2005
    Needs an SUV/MPV.....

    1. 3-4 passengers plus driver, with hand carried luggages
    2. 70% out of town trips with light off road routes- rough roads, zigzags, and few mountain areas
    3. Will probably run 25k to 30k kms per year at the least
    4. Does not need a 4wd, 4x2 will do
    5. Will shuttle consultants (local and foreign) most of the time, and occasional personal use
    6. MT or AT, not an issue
    7. Diesel

    Currently with sedans and van, another van is an option but not a must.

    Considering Montero, Innova (no fortuner please, i just don't like it), and Everest ONLY.

    The previous thread i made, (Bagong kotse thread)
    helped me and my sister to decide which car to get, so fire away.

    Suggestions and recos again.tia

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    Nov 2008
    What is your budget?

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    Feb 2005
    Sorry, budget is 1.3M more or less. 50%down, 36 months

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    May 2006
    Everest mas malaki ang leg room at cargo space

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    Feb 2005
    Everest's advantage is that, wifey have direct access with the Borromeos of Ford Alabang, hefty discount is a possibility.😀

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    Jan 2006
    ^^^ If that's the case, go with the Everest. One cannot refuse a hefty discount, plus you may even be extended further discounts when you have the vehicle maintained at Ford Alabang.

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    Feb 2005
    Malaki ba improvement ng latest everest sa first gen, in terms of space?

    We used to have the first gen, and find the legroom a bit cramped

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    Mar 2004
    Even if you don't have the connections, the Ford Everest is really being given at a hefty discount in anticipation of the new model coming out.

    Toyota Innova.

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    Mar 2008
    i'd choose a brand which has a casa or shop near your residence or workplace..
    convenience is an under-thought feature in choosing a vehicle..

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    Mar 2014
    Sir Sarsi..

    Montero GLX or Toyota Innova (G or V)

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