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    Jun 2006
    After 10years, the car with the most widely available spare parts, surplus and number of units on the road will command the higher resale value.

    We dont know what model would be phased out first, mirage or the vios.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syuryuken View Post
    Kung iniisip mo ang resale value wag ka ng mag brand new period
    unless you have something against used cars, getting a low-mileage, one-year old car (vios!) is an option you might consider.
    that way, you will escape the biggest depreciation of all (the first year).
    and since it's only a year old, almost brand new pa, 'ika nga..

    good luck on your search.
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    Jan 2014
    Pinagpilian ko din ang 2 kotse na yan.
    Pero kinuha ko ang Vios. Looks, power, at mas malaki. At ang sarap pang papogihin. see pic below. Iyun nga lang mas matakaw ata sa gas ang Vios. Saka may mga minor problem din, basa basa ka sa napakahabang thread ng All New Vios sa Toyota forum.

    Yung G4 naman, di ko gusto ang itsura. Mas maliit. Sabi, kung balak mo dalhin sa out of town, medyo mahirapan. At may isa pang SA ng Mitsu ang nagsabi na di daw makaakyat sa Baguio pag 5 adult pax ang sakay.


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    Aug 2012
    *smallbig: yan ba mismo ang auto mo? nice look.

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    Jan 2003
    I'm more concerned of running costs than resale value.

    *small_big, I am very sure that you are very misinformed. Any new car nowadays can go up Baguio.

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    * smallbig. The SA doesn't know what he's talking about.

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    Jan 2014
    Di po akin yan, pero pedeng maging ganyan ang Vios pag gastusan ng kunti.

    Uu exaggerated nga yung SA, siguro hirap umakyat ang ibig nyang sabihin. Gusto kasi niya Monty na lang kunin ko, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by falken View Post
    * smallbig. The SA doesn't know what he's talking about.

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    he probably knows what he's talking about.
    and he's probably counting on the potential buyer, not knowing what he's talking about.
    heh heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceblue View Post
    Ilagay mo na lang sarili mo pag ikaw yung 2nd-hand buyer. Kung bibili ka ba nag 2nd-hand na 10 year old car ano pipiliin mo? Yung current gen Vios na known gas guzzler o yung known na matipid sa gas na Mirage G4. Diba?
    This. Pretty much this.

    Resale value of Toyotas are typically good BECAUSE most Toyotas are fuel efficient and easy to maintain. Notice... resale value of the gasoline Avanza is not really that great versus the Innova (in terms of percentage of value retained), and the resale value of Corolla 2.0s, Camries and Fortuner 2.7s are really not that great compared to other Toyotas.

    Then, consider... if we assume 15,000 kms a year... and the Vios 1.3 MT gets around 11 km/l in city traffic (being VERY generous... my testing, the 1.3 gets about 21 km/l max on the highway) and the Mirage G4 gets between 12-13 km/l (very possible... my testing, about 25+ on the highway and 12+ in traffic), then you're looking at an extra 60,000 - 110,000 pesos worth of gasoline bought over a ten year period.

    There's no way the price difference between the two will be any bigger than that after ten years. And since this is the manual Mirage, which doesn't have any big question marks about CVT durability, I'm betting resale value will be close to equal to the Vios at the end of that time period. Which means that, even if the Vios is the nicer car, you will likely spend 150,000 to 200,000 more on it over a ten year period.

    I'd personally get the Vios, because I don't give a crap about resale value.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2014
    ang akin hatch back mirage gls piece of cake ang baguio 6 adults


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