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    Sep 2003
    Hintayin ko pa 2024 yung next post ni TS, kung maganda resale value ng binili nya.......

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    Dec 2006
    Di ko gets why people disregard resale value so much. Just because the financial impact is not realized immediately, doesn't mean it doesn't matter.

    Take two scenarios:

    Car A costs 1M and car B costs 1.2M. You like Car B more but you find 200k too much to add so you settle with car A.

    Car C costs 1M and car D costs 1M. You like Car D more but resale value of Car C is 200k higher (NPV) after 5 years. If you follow the logic of the first sample (which a lot of people do), you should go for Car C because of lesser financial impact overall.

    Yet, there are people who advice to stay away from higher sticker prices also advising to ignore resale value and just enjoy the car.

    Point is, depending on the case, resale value can matter and is not a useless factor to be ignored outright.

    Now, back to the topic, the resale value of these 2 cars in 10 years will not be larger than their SRP difference of 50k. Especially if you consider time value of money. 10 years is just too long of a time to still have major price differences. My bet is that the Vios will still have higher resale, but the difference will be negligible to the point that it should not affect your decision.

    Again, not saying that resale value is useless all the time, but in this case it's not very significant.

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    Feb 2008
    ^^ I agree, resale value should be considered when buying a brand new car.

    I'm one of those people that like to get the most of the money I spend.

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    Mar 2013
    after ten years, the condition of the car (i.e. how much you took care of it) will matter more to resale value than the ten year age of the car.

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    Mar 2010
    IMO i will consider the resale value if i will use the car for 5 yrs or less but for more than 5 yrs with the price below 1M i think panalo ka na din. but aside from the resale value, will you also consider the maintenance cost, FC, etc? kasi in terms of maintenance cost between your 2 choices mas mataas ang PMS ng mitsubishi against toyota. for the FC kung mirage MT against vios 1.3 MT palagay ko panalo sa FC ang mirage

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    Jan 2014
    Di na lang kasi sagutin yung tanong eh. Kung parehong namaintain ng maayos, sa Vios ako. Kahit hindi resale value pinaguusapan, Vios pa rin ako, mas malaki, mas maganda tingnan. Tsaka iba pa rin yung 4cyl engines, may dahilan kung bakit halos lahat ng makina 4cyl kahit gano kaliit pa displacement niyan. Di ka makakasiguro sa tibay ng mirage, kailan lang nilabas yan kaya posibleng maglabasan yung sira pagtagal. Di ko naman sinasabing hindi matibay pero nandyan yung uncertainty. At least sa Vios subok na, 1st gen pa lang yan na yung engine na gamit.

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    Jun 2004
    After 10 years I would say the Vios would be worth more and be easier to sell. Ok na yung E standard kung tight budget. Madali naman upgrade yung fog lamps at stereo in the future. Plus sa mirage nde pa natin alam ang long term reliability nya.

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    Feb 2013
    Ako sa tingin ko Mirage G4. At first tingin ko either quits lang or kung meron mang difference konte lang or negligible. But if we factor in the savings you'll get with the more fuel efficient Mirage G4 tingin ko mas mas mataas ng konte re-sale value ng Mirage after 10 years. Yung so-called tipid sa PMS sa CASA pag Toyota? Pag tapos na ang warranty wala na yung so-called mas matipid sa Toyota CASA and since you plan to use it for 10 years before selling it eh mahahabol mo rin yung na tipid ng Vios sa CASA pag sa talyer mo na i-PMS Mirage G4 mo pag out of warranty na. Add mo yung tinipid mo sa gas in 10 years of use sa Mirage G4 compared sa matakaw sa gas na new gen Vios. Kahit ano mangyari hindi mahahabol ng Vios yung gas savings sa Mirage G4. If you sell it after 10 years yun din magiging selling point mo sa pag bebentahan mo. Mas matipid sya sa gas vs sa Vios at hindi naman siguro mag CASA yung 2nd hand buyer at panigurado mas gusto ng 2nd-hand buyer ang mas matipid na kotse. :-) Kaya nga sya bumubili ng 2nd-hand kasi kapos sa pera o kaya gusto makatipid.

    Ilagay mo na lang sarili mo pag ikaw yung 2nd-hand buyer. Kung bibili ka ba nag 2nd-hand na 10 year old car ano pipiliin mo? Yung current gen Vios na known gas guzzler o yung known na matipid sa gas na Mirage G4. Diba?

    Binebase lang kasi ng iba yung past resale value ng previous Toyota models w/c are indeed good BUT read the diff. online reviews and personal experience of current Vios owners. Malaki binaba ng fuel efficiency ng new Vios compared to the previous model. Kung ano man tinipid kuno sa PMS sa CASA sa Vios na good for 2-3 years lang naman bawing-bawi mo yan sa tipid mo sa gas in 10 years of use.

    Opinion ko lang. So, Mirage G4.

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    Jun 2012
    Think about how you can even keep your car for 10 years.

    Since there are no other considerations except resale value, I can consider both of them to have Php00.00 value after 10 years. Then, I may get the Vios. The reason is obvious.
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    Jun 2009
    either of the 2 choices its still a good buy. it depends on how will you maintain the car for ten years. for fuel efficiency i agree to iceblue, the current vios is a gas guzzler. some new owners were disappointed with the fc they get. because of its increase body weight with the old engine.

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