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    Feb 2008
    For a budget of less than a million. Which would you rather get, an Innova E VVT-i A/T (oh yeah it has to be automatic) or the Nissan Grand Livina Elegance? Tinatanong lang ako ng isa kong acquaitance, sabi ko sa kanya parang mas gusto ko pa yung Livina since high end compared to the E na medyo bare bones model. Kayo ano sa tingin nyo? Oh yeah kung may iba pa kayong suggestions na less than a million pak sabi na din. Wag nga lang sedan kasi he likes the car to have a little bit of versatility just in case.

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    Feb 2008
    Wala bang opinions and comments?

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    Oct 2007
    Between the 2, id go for the grand livina, fc is good and maganda ang interior compare to the innova, i especially like the size kasi not too big and not too small, kaya tamang-tama lang, also mas bago and design compare to the innova w/c has been here for quite some time na.

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by vinrem View Post
    Between the 2, id go for the grand livina, fc is good and maganda ang interior compare to the innova, i especially like the size kasi not too big and not too small, kaya tamang-tama lang, also mas bago and design compare to the innova w/c has been here for quite some time na.
    I agree

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    Nov 2002
    kung 'versatility' ba it needs to be a 7-seater? kung yes the only options i can think of are the fuzion and other antiquated AUVs (adventure and crosswind). otherwise, the tucson would be a good all-arounder, sans the 2 extra seats, for less than 1M.

    phased out na pala yung mga gas carens.

    but between the 2 (innova and GL), sa high end GL na ko. that's unless i live in a flood prone area with lots of potholes or that i always carry heavy loads. kung ganun, sa innova na.

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    Jul 2008
    The E variant is not really barebones kasi meron ng power amenities. Personally I'm not into gasoline MPVs.

    Anyway, the two choices are too close to call for me. A test drive would then be imperative for the buyer.

    Grand Livina has better interior. The Innova is bigger. What's the buyer's priority?

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    Feb 2008
    Actually 4 lang naman sasakay. The third row is just to add cargo (you know during out of towns and going to the cemetery etc...) or the very rare instance may iba pang sasakay....

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    May 2007
    hmmm... talagang close call ito ah...

    thanks to sir Gerbo for asking the preferences!

    considering that tidus1203's acquaintance will be a relatively light user, yes, the Grand Livinia is the next best thing based on my initial impressions. as mentioned, the FC is good and it will be much better since 4 lang ang sasakay. if it was the other way around with more people to ride in and prone to floods & rough roads, the Innova would be better.

    also, there is an active roster of Grand Livinia users in the tsikot forums. i encourage that he can meet up with them anytime soon before the purchase to get a heads up of what to expect with the GL. i just hope that spare parts for the GL will be readily available.

    on a personal note, it resembles my Space Wagon!
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    Feb 2008
    Correction lang po, hindi po ako bibili may kakilala lang ako...

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    Jun 2009
    So tsikoteers, i just read a comparo on livina and innova in youtube. well, according to this man (KPKonliner) i think he chose the livina over the innova. so tsikoteers, let us discuss your opinions about this comparo.

    from KPKonliner:
    Well , its not fair to compare a large MPV with a hatch-wagon but both almost has the same price.Its up to u wheter u want Grand Livina or Innova.

    Innova might be roomier BUT not economical.As u see in the video , driving Innova is like driving a ship ( It's huge , it's tall ,the suspension is too soft ,feels heavy ).With a heavy weight also affect the fuel consumption,making it a less economical car.

    On the other hand , Grand Livina's shorter profile increase aerodynamic , stability,and downforce.Well , its not as roomy as Innova but at least the driver is happy too.Plus Grand Livina has higher quality interior ( the fabric/leather seats are high quality and the other plastics are great )and its more comfortable than Innova.What da ? Innova is way roomier and I still think Grand Livina's more comfortable !? yes,thanks to Grand Livina's brilliant suspension settings ( a collaboration of Nissan and Renault ).It seems that there's a little bit European touch for the suspension.It's stable when cornering but also comfortable at bad roads.Yet,Grand Livina has less body roll.Remember,not just comfortable for passengers but also for driver.

    Again with the fuel consumption,Grand Livina is smaller,shorter,more aerodynamic,lighter,bla bla bla...and one thing that might impress u , because Grand Livina is a Nissan Livina with larger cargo and has third row seats , that means it has almost similar fuel consumption as the hatchback version.This is impressive because , believe me or not , Nissan Livina's ( not grand Livina ) fuel consumption can beat Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris !!! BUT it depends on how you drive , remembering that the engine response is less responsive than Honda Jazz and Yaris , you need to be patient , and when you do , it'll save more fuel than Yaris do.Innova is too heavy,huge,big and has high ground clearance.The other reasonable factor is the off road chassis ( which is also used for off road SUVs).

    SO,which one is better ? I would say Grand Livina.Reason ? I know Innova is roomier but we're living in 2009 ! and modern cars should be practical and economical.Grand Livina might be smaller but it saves a lot of fuel , handles well , higher quality ,more comfortable , and it can accommodate 7 people in a compact size.Brilliant car ! simply brilliant ! still thinking to buy Innova ? think twice !

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