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    Aug 2004
    Hi Guys maybe you can help me with my dilemna.

    As of now I still cant decide which one to get.

    Eversince the 2007 outlander came out Ive been wanting to get one. and now someone is selling his top of the line unit with all the features, 4x4,v6 3.0 engine and all the goodies inside with only 13k in the odometer. for only 1.1M negotiable.

    But then 80% of my friends told me just to get the new tucson 2010 4x2 AT for only 1.158M.

    As for me Im still undecided which one to get. I really like the outlander but you only add 60k and you get the brand new one.

    Is the tucson really worth it? Im still in doubt about korean cars but then its a 5 year warranty.

    Maybe someone can help me decide. Thanks.

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    Jan 2007
    Di ba phase out na ng Mitsu ang Outlander? Wala na nga sa price list ng ibang mag? If true, I'd get the Tuc for longer term support.

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    Feb 2008
    I will get the Tucson too! Iba pa rin ang bago sa gamit na! And Tucson comes with a 5 year warranty while the used Outlander will probably lose its warranty very shortly!

    Di pa ata phased out ang Outlander, I think the MMPI is waiting for the Yen to weaken so the exchange rate is favorable and the Outie can be priced more competitively. I say GOOD LUCK ON THAT! Baka wala na ngang Outlander kung yan batayan nila the Yen won't weaken sigurado this year! Lumalakas pa nga eh!

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    Aug 2004
    Yes that's what I heard about importing the new outlander. thanks guys for replying Im still not convinced yet Though we are going to a hyundai dealership to check on an actual unit.

    Even if the outlander is going to be extinct I think itll be better for me Its gonna be rare to see one on the road

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    Feb 2008
    Whatever floats your boat man. If you prefer style over practicality then so be it. Pero kung phased out na nga talagang mahirap na maghanap ng Outlander parts nyan...

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    May 2006
    Maganda talaga yung Outlander kaso malakas sa gas(top of the line is I think 3.0 liter V6)...maganda din yung Tucson dahil bago, in the end kung san ka mas fulfilled. With regards to the 13k mileage, basta maalaga yung 1st owner at hindi binaha most likely bnew condition pa yan. Try mo pa tawaran para feel mo talaga na bingo ka sa purchase mo.

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    Feb 2009
    with the 60k price difference, i would definitely go with the 2010 Tucson. it has a much fresher and modern design plus it is fuel efficient compared to the Outlander. it is also much better to buy a brand new vehicle with warranty.

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    Jan 2010
    buy a brand new car with the brand new smell. priceless!

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