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    Jun 2008
    clash of old school auv!

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    Aug 2010
    for a crowd-transport or 60% hauler-40% personal-transport, crosswind. for a family car with some cargo, adventure.

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    Aug 2009
    Using a family-owned Crosswind XTi model. Ewan ko lang kung bakit parang may kulang sa Adventure SS na nakikita ko lang sa XTi. Pero depende naman sir sa requirements mo. Pero the best I can say is try to test-drive both and you'll be the judge naman in the end.

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    Jun 2008
    for family use. basically to use as daily ride for the kids in sending to school (3 kids and a yaya) and for wife's ride too. adventure ss or crosswind xti?

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    Oct 2002
    I think for comfort and refinement, the Adventure has improved a lot through the years. I also like the current facelift design. Nice and clean unlike the gaudy, chrome and everything on it of the Crosswind (IMO).

    The Crosswind would be more efficient and have more grunt for hauling heavy loads though.

    But yes, test drive and visit the dealer with your family as in the end, they'll be using it and your wife may have her personal preferences.

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    Nov 2010
    Ayaw mo Innova 2.5 D4D TS?

    It is better than the 2 in almost all aspect except in rough road versatility and durability of suspension. But in your case it is not gonna happen naman.

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    Mar 2011

    Just recently, there was a post here concerning the Innova D4D vs. Adventure Supersport vs. Crosswind XUV.

    It just so happened we have all three of them diesels and this is a copy of my 2 centavos worth of observation as the driver.

    Quote Originally Posted by hinDMaxsiado View Post

    Sir Roelrpt,

    We now own an Innova D4-D, which actually is my wife's new service car. We also have a Crosswind since 2003. We basically come from an Isuzu background (Crosswind and DMax) with some Mitsubishi cars (Monterosport and Adventure). We got the Innova quite cheap and due to a good deal way back when Toyota was introducing its 2012 Hilux and Fortuner at the Tent in Taguig. It was a good deal that was hard to pass. We traded off the Adventure for the new Innova D4-D E model.

    While all are 2.5-litre diesel engines, the Innova uses a CRDi engine while the Crosswind's engine is an old but highly reliable 1997 old diesel engine. The Adventure is also using an old-tech engine. The Innova has got more boost-pressure due to its newer turbocharger, while the Crosswind and Adventure are utilising relatively low-boost turbocharger. Therefore, the Innova offers better power, acceleration than the two.

    Just remember that any additional power that comes out from the Innova compared to the Crosswind or to the Adventure is largely all about added boost pressure ---- NOTHING MORE. Tanggalan mo ng turbochargers mga yan, pare-pareho lang silang mahihina, kahit CRDi pa ang Innova.... While the Innova is faster and more powerful than the two old-tech Isuzu and Mitsubishi, it's really NOTHING spectacular. In the same context, German-diesels are relatively powerful than the Japanese-diesels of the same engine-displacement because Germans are fond of utilising twin-turbos or dual-staged turbochargers against the Jap's single-turbocharger, where some are even using just wastegate-type turbocharger. Again, it's all about boosting....

    Both the Innova, Crosswind, Adventure engines do NOT have intercoolers....

    In terms of fuel-economy, all are good.

    In terms of manoeuvring manners, all are also good ---- Puedeng mong ipagsingitan kahit saan, kahit pa sa traffic. You can change lanes outright at will with any of these vehicles; it's a point-and-shoot manoeuvring with any of them, precise steering.

    In terms of frontal-and-peripheral visions as a driver, the Crosswind and the Adventure offers way way better frontal and peripheral visions for the driver in totality ---- The windshield side-panels of the Crosswind and Adventure are not that too slopey like the Innova. Especially at night time, the Innova has quite significant blind-spots side-to-side when you're the one driving. It's even worse than the blind spots you get from a Strada/Monterosport. The Innova, Strada/Monterosport are trying to look every bit modern as they could but the way that they are sloped-out is just too much. One even looks like an egg!

    In terms of durability and dependability, i still do not know as of yet since the Innova is just new (just a tad over the 1000 km break-in mark) ---- However, our old 2003 Crosswind has served us well for the last 320,000 km, and counting, without any engine troubles. It runs the way it has always ran since Day 1 of owning it. We traded-off the Adventure after 134,000 km odo.

    Goodluck sir!

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    May 2010
    uhhh. The Adventure has NO Turbocharger. It's equipped with an All Motor Naturally Aspirated Small Block 8Valve 4D56 engine.

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    Apr 2008
    Considering that both are pretty slow, noisy and very susceptible to black smoke, old school AUVs... I'd pick the Crosswind. The 4JA1-L engine, though old, is still quite new as compared to the 4D56. Its also got direct injection and a low charge turbo (better than nothing, right? :rofl The Crosswind has 12 more horses, and more importantly, 42Nm more torque. Its great for hauling stuff, and is more spacious than the Adventure.

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    May 2010
    ^Yes, pero why is it the Adventure feels a lot faster than the Xwind?

    for interior refinement, i'd take the Adventure. It also have a better entertainment system, MMAD.

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