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    Dec 2006
    Kung Mirage hatch vs Vios, dun ako sa Mirage. Cheaper to buy and more efficient, plus looks better and has more toys. I don't need the space since hindi naman ako araw araw magsasakay ng 5.

    But if it's the G4 sedan vs. the Vios, Vios nalang. Di ko trip itsura ng G4 eh.

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    Jul 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Naigi View Post
    Sa looks kasi nya parang mas maliit pa sa g4. I'm really torn between the looks of the vios vs the features of a G4 GLS. hirap mgdecide.
    True the G4 GLS has nice features but I find the power inadequate for long drives. I've driven the G4 and if city driving lang, it's fine pero once you take it out on long trips bitin for me. Don't get me wrong it cruises nicely on the highway pero for overtaking power sucks. But space wise, interior comfort and features okay naman, except the head unit which looks nice but isn't so nice to operate and the screen washes out during day time.

    As for the Vios naman, I don't like the interior looks so it's a big negative for me since most of the time nasa loob ka ng kotse.

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    Jun 2011
    Vios all the Way!
    1.seating capacity
    3.reliable vvti engine(Chain Driven)+optional aftermarket turbocharger kit
    4.power/torque-4 passengers 4cylinder vs 4 passengers 3 cylinder=almost same fuel consumption
    5.Toyota engines,if properly maintained.can easily surpass the 500,000kms(ODOMETER) w/o overhauling.
    6.Parts-toyota parts available everywhere in the philippines.
    7.Watch the coming VIOS CUP to be held this month at BGC.
    My sister in law has a mirage(hatch a/t).not that fuel efficient as they advertise.and you can hear even the slightest sound outside/road when driving.its still your choice...

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    Mar 2008
    it's like hamburgers.
    you go to the clown or the insect not because they're more expensive, but because you know how they'll taste. consistent.
    cars are like that.. one brand may be more expensive head-to-head, but their quality is consistent (real or perceived).
    a new product in the market may turn out to better in the long run, but it's a new product.. we don't know just how desire-able it will be after a couple of years on the road..
    what will i get? the most expensive i am willing to afford! that probably means, not the cheapest nor the most high end..
    good luck.

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    Jan 2006
    Has the TS test-driven both vehicles? Better he judge for himself how the both behaves with his driving style.

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    Nov 2012
    Salamat po sa mga reply. I came from a 1.3 lancer EL so I know the pain of over taking. lol. So I think I'm leaning towards the Vios, BTW my sister owns a G4 GLS CVT, kaya medyo familiar na ako sa mga features niya, at parang medyo bitin nga pag overtaking although CVT yun, di ko pa na try sa MT.

    Quote Originally Posted by pdspd View Post
    Vios all the Way!
    3.reliable vvti engine(Chain Driven)+optional aftermarket turbocharger kit
    With this comment, in the near future cyempre papunta din tayo dun, but for now, I really need is a fuel efficient the daily drive going to work. So siguro ang dapat gawin ngayon is mgtest drive ng vios para magkaalaman na!

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    Jan 2014
    Mirage for
    city driving
    at features

    but the Vios gets my
    vote dahil
    sa reliablity at parts
    if you want you can get teh E variant

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    Mar 2008
    hirap talaga mamili..
    back in the 80s, it was easy... lancer or lancer or lancer...!
    G4 versus J... i'm for the G4.. more toys.. and cheaper!
    resale value? hey! you got it cheap. don't complain that it's got a cheaper resale value..
    but think of the upside... in a few years, it might just turn out to be the more desirable used car buy..
    heh heh.
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    May 2014
    Vios gets my vote.

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    Nov 2012
    Follow up question po. Regarding fuel consumption. malaki ba difference ng Vios at G4? Could I easily get 14km/l on both? My daily route kasi is around 22km one way.

    12 km - nlex
    3.4 km - city driving with minimal trafic
    9.3 km - highway with stop light(no traffic)

    medyo specific yung route, base on google map kasi.

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