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  1. Heretic Guest
    I own a Matrix CRDi and have taken her to Pilaoan, La Union a number of times already. So far, the suspension and chassis have taken the beating well. She is the most fuel efficient car we've had and probably, pound-for-pound, the most powerful. Headroom/legroom is nearly that of an AUV/CUV but the cargo area (third row) is just that of a sedan. Second row seats can fold and tumble to reveal generous cargo space. She costs 678k now and who knows when the 222k you've saved would come in handy.

    If you are going to use your would be purchase as a people and luggage carrier, CUV's/AUV's are still the way to go. Considering that the Tucson recently got a 5-star rating in crash tests, she's a good buy at 880k, together with the Innova CRDi "E" variant.

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    If budget permits, get the Escape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoEinG_747
    Bro ..dag dag ka lang ng konti .

    doon ka na sa Pick up na mitsubishi strada GLX(990 K)

    100% vote ko dito...

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    Innova E

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    Thanks Nikky, Ian Rex, Heretic at sa inyong lahat! Its tough enough to get the dough to buy a car its even tougher which one to spend on. Thanks for the advice.

    Boeing 747 & Red horse - I'l try to look into your suggestion, kaya lang if I were to buy a pickup siguro Ill go with Isuzu nalang. I will have to shell out extra pero worth it in the long run. Thanks.

    So I will wait for the Tucson and test drive it. Pati narin ang Matrix CDRi. Thanks heretic for the 1st hand review. Niky also pointed out good arguments regarding ride quality on AUV's, not much of a problem for me because Im the driver, siguro sa mga passengers ko lang. Problema lang sa Matrix pag binaha, dko na sya magagamit. Kya Im leaning over the SUV/AUV. Yung XWind XT masyado kasing bare, walang all power features. Eh yung Zafira kaya guys?

    Salamat ng marami. Just got off from work tpos pa bukas ko comp 13 replies! Salamat ulit!

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    Zafira is junk don't waste your money on that, GM service is next to crap as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theveed
    Zafira is junk don't waste your money on that, GM service is next to crap as well.
    my cousin bought one and swears to hell that this car's after-sales service is a bitch!!!

    my vote goes to the MATRIX Crdi

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    Matrix !

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    most american car seller here in the philippines suck in after sales service...lalo na kung nasa province ka....I'd go for a japanese manufactured vechicle (preferably with a casa near you).

    Have you seen the AMC Hammer yet? This would fit your budget and a local talyer will surely be able to service you (no casa required)...good review din...and Tsikoteer din yung owner (hiya na lang nya na bigyan ka ng lemon)....

    more pictures sa gallery ng mo HAMMER

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    Basta Nissan Patrol yung ipa-install na engine! :lol:

    Actually, Ford's service is pretty good most of the time. Some parts are expensive and take a while to come, but going to the casa is not a teeth-grinding experience. :D Kaya lang, sayang at mahal ang mga vehicles nila ngayon.

    As for me, even if the basic XWind is kinda bare, yes, but that's not much of a problem, as the stock stereo system and VCD player of the top-of-the-line are, in my opinion, not worth it.

    The pioneer head of the XWind XUVi is of great quality, but the speakers and acoustics aren't enough to do it justice, and if you're driving, the LCDs aren't going to do much for you anyway... besides which, they're fiddly and picture quality is low (we haven't used ours for months!). Massage chair? Nice, but we only use it about once every two months... Get the basic XT, the road-biased tires will give you better ride comfort and handling, and the cloth seats can always be covered. Stereo can be handled by your local installer.

    If you're driving, it's not a bad deal, just a boring and slow drive. It's an acquired taste, many people sell their XWinds because of the ride, those who can live with it are very happy with the economy. I can attest to its cargo carrying capability, as it helped me a lot in moving between apartments when I lived in QC, and as long as you're not driving on the moon, it'll carry seven in relative comfort and nine if you're carrying small people.

    But if it's just you driving, despite the probable rare stranding by flood, I think the Matrix would be the best choice. And if the fear of flood keeps you off the roads during typhoons, that's a good thing. I've seen a lot of guys get in trouble for trying to brave floods even when they shouldn't have, and none of the vehicles on your shortlist have AWD, which is a MUST for traversing uneven muddy terrain.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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