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    Apr 2004
    i drove a Corolla ae92 1990 before selling it last July. And i really miss it a lot (and i mean a lot!) and i currently drive an ae111. To tell you the truth, mas masarap pa ihataw yung ae92!!! nakakamiss na. Madaming parts ng ae92 sa banawe. Daling pormahan (lots of JDM parts!).

    Corolla for me
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    Mar 2003
    corolla. kahit sa sari sari store me pyesa. di ba theveed? hehe

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    Mar 2005
    corolla gl sikat na sikat noon

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    Aug 2005
    syempre.. corolla ako pre.. kahit 10 years pa nman corolla namin ayun makena di pa na overhaul at kung may palit lng pyesa kahit sa mini auto supply mayron..

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    Nov 2002
    Corolla GL is the only 16-valve car here. If I'm not mistaken, you can already buy a Sentra Super Saloon B13 (1992-1995 model) with the money you have for the Corolla. Actually, most buyers in this price range choose among these two cars. Let me give an outline of both.

    Corolla GL

    - 1.6, 16-valve carbureted. Not quite sure about its consumption, but power is ok and sturdiness even better.
    - No power steering, windows etc. except for very few selected models (as said by the others), but such features can be installed aftermarket or surplus.
    - M/T only
    - Reputable Toyota reliability especially in the suspension part. Great durability with abundant parts availability.

    Sentra Super Saloon
    - 1.6, 16-valve, fuel-injected engine that responds well to IHE mods. Consumption decent if not excellent.
    - Power features abound, but find one where all of these are still working fine.
    - Choice between M/T and A/T, but I don't recommend the latter.
    - Suspension good but parts cost a bit more.

    The Sentra is actually underrated, thus the really really cheap resale value. This is quite a steal, best bang for buck. But do test both cars first before choosing. There are factors beyond the technical ones, you know.

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    Aug 2003
    1990 corolla siguro nasa 130k - 150k pa rin ang price. for that same price you can buy a 96 mazda 323 (round body) which is already all-power...

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    Oct 2002
    Yes, mas sulit ang Sentra, of course you must find a good unit coz Nissan parts are a tad bit more expensive than Toyota when it comes to surplus. Pero kung Bnew, daming sale sa Nissan Mantrade, makakakuha ka orig bnew grill for mga 2K lang, so sulit din mag Nissan ngayon.

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    Dec 2003
    and dont forget the nissan legend, MALAMIG ang aircon!

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    Jun 2005
    alin ba sa 3 ang pinaka fuel efficient?

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    Aug 2003
    kia pride. may nakita ako 40k na hatch sa may sampaloc area. :P
    siguradong fuel-efficient yun.

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I need help in deciding a second-hand car all in 1990 model Lancer, Corolla, or Nissa