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    Mar 2006
    Good day, I need an advise to this forum,My friend keep asking me,is it good to swap a 06honda city1.3(i-dsi)m/t to 00Honda SIR? Both car are all stock and runs in low mileage..I cannot give him a correct decision for this matter.What will be the pros and cons for the SIR? FC of SIR is acceptable to him.. Thank you.

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    Apr 2008
    The thing is it is quite a task to find a "virgin" SiR for sale with most being heavily modded and raced. But if he already has found one then the only problem left would be looking for the gremlins found hidden in a ten year old car, and there may be quite a lot of them. Otherwise, it would be a suitable upgrade.

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    Mar 2006
    i hope the car(SIR) still in pristine condition and the body still in top shape.if do so, do you think its worth to exchange the city for the SIR?what will be the final verdict? thank you

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    Oct 2002
    If its a first owned SiR, with verified service records and original paint on all panels... go na talaga yan IMO (i actually know of some units and the owners wont sell). He'll have to do repairs here and there but as long as the previous owner serviced it regularly and did necessary repairs, its still a good car. To date, the EK Civic for me is still one of the best chassis for the Civic lineup.

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    Mar 2006
    ok sir,thanks for the input,now i can tell him what is the right decision.ya the EK civic got the best chassis in all civic..

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    Mar 2010
    picturan mo tapos post mo dito para mapag desisyonan.

Honda City to SIR?