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    Sep 2007

    Months ago, I kind of "decided" to buy a Honda City 1.5E over the Jazz 1.5V. As i was raising money, then came the 2011 Elantra. Ayun naguluhan ako ulit. For me,medyo lamang ang Elantra sa looks at sa space.Sinasabi naman nila na mas lamang ang City sa resale pero hindi ko pa naman iniisip un. Ang hindi ako sure if regarding FC for both cars.

    Makakasabay kaya and Elantra sa Honda City in terms of FC if your route is Bacoor>Coastal Road>Baclaran>Edsa>C5>Eastwood. Then pauwi ganun rin. Papamasok ni Misis araw araw so prefered talaga namin ung matipid sa gas. Malaki ba ang discrepancy between the two?

    So far ang naririnig ko na negative sa Elantra is ung NVH nya pero I think it's not that big of a deal (at least for me). Haven't heard something negative yet sa City though (let me know if meron).

    I know they belong to different categories pero since medyo magkalapit na rin ung price, I am torn between the two. If you are to choose, which would you pick?

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    Apr 2008
    Elantra for me. The size is a big factor. The looks score big too and so does the exclusivity. Jazz's and City's are practically everywhere. I'd like to have something new for a change. The Elantra should have good gas mileage too, especially on the highways thanks to the 6 speed A/T and the much hyped aerodynamic body design which was advertised in the US market to enable the Elantra to get 40MPG (17km/L) mileage. And that was advertised for the 1.8L engine. It should do pretty good on the city too. It is a 1.6L engine after all, just take it easy on the gas.

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    Jun 2007
    off topic lang ng konti...

    di ba mas magandang daan from coastal>airport road> Nichols >c5>eastwood.

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by rollyic View Post
    off topic lang ng konti...

    di ba mas magandang daan from coastal>airport road> Nichols >c5>eastwood.
    Uy salamat ng marami sir dito. Actually naghahanap ako ng mas ok na route. Tingin ko mas maganda nga itong sinugget nyo. Subukan ko ito.

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    Oct 2008
    on exclusivity, most non enthusiasts can't quite discern the elantra from the Accent. accent owners can debadge to level up

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    Mar 2011
    If you considering the elantra, why not take a look at a 1.6 Altis. For me the Atlis trumps the elantra in terms of resale value and reliability. Also Elantra is lacking a few stuff.... the wheels dont really look great and it doesnt have LED :-s If you're after practicality, City or Altis would be a better pick IMO. U want something new, get the Elantra tho I feel the Accent blue is better than the elantra base model.

    Also, I can't understand why you passed over the Jazz hahaha sorry I drive a Jazz so I'm biased hehe

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