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    Oct 2002
    Hi guys, my boss needs a pick-up truck for their farm in Nueva Ecija. He narrowed his choices to 2 as mentioned in the title. Right now he is more inclined in getting the Dmax but due to the more powerfull D4d, he's having second thoughts. However, he found out that he can insert a mod chip to reprogram the ECU of the Dmax producing power equal to that of the D4d. If this is the case, the Dmax might be faster due to the lighter and smaller body.

    Okay here are the choices:

    Isuzu Dmax with superchip (4x4) = He prefers the push button 4wd system
    with: ABS, EBD, SRS aibrags

    Toyota Hilux (4x4)
    with: ABS, EBD, SRS airbags (He knew that the new Hi-lux coming out will be upgraded with these)

    Level playing field at around 160hp. Ano ang pipiliin ninyo.

    Mods: If you think that this thread should be merged to existing ones, please go ahead but I think that it deserves a discussion of its own.

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    May 2006
    Hindi ba mavovoid nung superchip ang warranty? :D

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    Oct 2002
    Alang pakialam yun sa warranty. hehe. Yung fortuner niya void na ang warranty sa suspension coz he chose to install different wheels and tires. Hehe.

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    Aug 2004
    The superchip will void the engine warranty, which is the only part of the warranty that's actually worth anything. The suspension warranty is short, anyway.

    But that's only if the dealership finds out. It's easy to install/uninstall chip upgrades, and re-flashes are mostly invisible to diagnostic equipment.

    Personally, the D-max isn't really lacking in power. The Hi-Lux's extra horses are only noticeable above 120 km/h. From 0-80 km/h, the automatic transmission of the 3.0 D4D is kind of sluggish, and there's some turbo lag in traffic... so short of a peel-out drag race, your boss won't notice much difference between the two... as both can hit high speeds on highway runs to N.E. (which, I guess, is probably why he wants a powerful truck... )

    Tell your boss to forget the power, test drive both and see which he likes better. I think the Hi-Lux handles better, but the D-Max has a slightly (very slightly) better ride and car-like controls. If he's going to sit in the back, medyo cramped pa rin ang D-Max compared to the Toyota.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Thanks for the info. Didn't realize that there is little noticeable difference between the power of the two trucks when running below 120kph. I guess going above this speed is kinda extreme already knowing that we are comparing trucks anyway and not race cars (hehe, I myself drive between 80kph to 100kph on highways). I'll relay this to him.

    With regards to the turbo lag, I drive an AT dmax myself and it also has lag in traffic driving, unless you give it a kick down (which is a complete waste of fuel). Tho many say that the Dmax has better acceleration compared to the Hi-lux due to its close gear ratios (tama ba?).

    With regards to the handling, hindi ba mas accurate daw ang handling ng Dmax coz it has rack and pinion system compared to the gearbox of the Hi-lux (i might be wrong tho).

    Anyway, thanks again. Inputs are greatly appreciated.

    Wait...what rig do you vote for by the way?

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    Oct 2002
    if not for the engine problem of the toyota hilux, I choose the toyota.

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    Jul 2006
    DMAX ako. reliable and tough. and also PICK UP na pang-farm kelangan ng boss mo na panghaul ng mga gamit. as tested, lamang lang ang HiLUX sa horsepower ng engine, 30 horses only. but in terms of handling, ride comfort, gearbox, lamang na lamang ang DMAX.

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    Oct 2002
    the strength I see sa dmax ay ang tipid ng consumo (spaciousness and tagtag thing is very subjective opinion, tingin ko halos pareho lang).

    ...pero kung reputation on off road use...mas maganda ang lumang hilux than a fuego or even perhaps the dmax...then yung vigo (or new hilux) series is not yet established sa offroad use (unlike the older hilux model) it may or may not be that advantageous.

    spare parts and price, pareho lang siguro din...

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    Feb 2006
    My vote goes to the Hilux for the smoother and quieter D4-D engine and Toyota's famed ergonomics and fit/finish.

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    Sep 2004
    i've driven both. and imo, comfy ride, spacious interior, better acelleration ang new hilux. nga pla,.. i've been told of 5 hiluxes that caught flames here * saudi. they said that the exhaust pipe is too close to the fuel tank.

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