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    Aug 2009

    My sister is looking for a sub-compact car, it will be her first car and my father can spend an amount that can go for a brand new car(I think max is 800K).

    Here are the choices:

    a. Honda Jazz
    b. Honda City
    c. Toyota Yaris
    d. Toyota Vios
    e. Suzuki Swift
    f. Mazda2
    g. etc, basta same price range and form.

    My sister really likes hatchback, and she's gonna use it for work, and maybe I can borrow it sometimes. She's looking for M/T, and must be fuel efficient.

    She doesn't like the size of Alto, i10, and celerio.

    Let us help her choose a car that gives the best value for money.


    Please add pros and cons for each car. And the SAs we can contact for good deals.

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    Dec 2005
    My Choices:

    1. Jazz - large interior but pricey and too many in road..
    2. Swift - Cute, Fun to Drive, Free 2 years Service but limited compartment
    3. Mazda 2 - New, nice exterior but cheap quality plastic inside, no trip meter, pricey (no free lto/insurance/chattel) No M/T yet..


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    Mar 2009
    Since your sis loves hatchbacks, take the Honda City and the Toyota Vios out from the list.

    So, it's now down to 4 namely, the Honda Jazz the Toyota Yaris the Suzuki Swift and the Mazda 2.


    The Honda Jazz is large enough to sit a total of 5 people inside the cabin with an ample space for the baggage. It's pretty fast too, I remember a GE keeping up with me at the speed of 120kph. However, downside on the part of the Jazz is it's hefty price. 842k for it's TOTL variant and 720k for the 1.3S M/T.

    Cute, like what others are saying. Yes, it is cute really, but with the price attached to it question is, is it really worth buying and just consider the line " Style Comes At A Price ". That still depends on the buyer.


    The Toyota Yaris. Pretty cheap for it's features and it's large displacement ( 1.5L ). It's pretty much of a big sub-compact too, comparable to the Honda Jazz. The only thing that makes the Jazz more " hit " than this is because the Yaris still carries it's old look, it just received a few refinements on it's tailights, grilles etc.

    Great thing to consider, too. The old-looking style won't be much of a problem since there is always a RS kit available, that's if you wanna be unique from the others. Nevertheless, the Yaris is a pretty good vehicle to consider of.


    Suzuki Swift. Classic styling, as they say. Yes, it's true actually ... it's looks still gets me even though it was released years back. Priced fair for a sub-compact, nothing great really and afaik, it never received any refinements since before except for the additional M/T in their Swift line-up.

    The Swift really is great. But with it's short span of warranty plus it's crappy after-sales service would you still take the chance in owning a classic vehicle like the Swift ? Or rather would you opt for a newer one that offers a swift and superb after sales service ? Your car, your choice.


    Mazda 2. Honestly, I like the styling. It's really stunning especially if seen in blue color. I`ve got nothing much to say about it since it was just released last month, I think. But, for me with the price of 795k for a 1.5L and with an A/T transmission already it's also a worth the look vehicle.

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    Aug 2009
    Actually, my sis is leaning to a black(if there is) yaris m/t.. no problem for me here, i like yaris and the color

    what i like about jazz is the space(i don't like its price), and if we go for the jazz, we might only get the 1.3 only.. BTW, is there M/T for 1.5 jazz?

    , and about the mazda 2 is the looks, too bad there's no m/t here..

    but we are still open for ideas..

    i actually like the swift too(the looks and performance), but my sis don't like it.. and i heard bad stuffs about suzuki service, etc...

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    Mar 2009
    The 1.3S Jazz isn't that slow. It's speed is still superb, I`ve seen several 1.3S Jazzes raging MM streets, some of them go fast through the stretch of the expressways.

    AFAIK there is a coming M/T MZ 2 but there's no date yet. But surely, there will be. And from what I have read in the MZ 2 sedan will be released here too soon.

    If you really want the styling of the MZ2 which is, undoubtedly great better wait for it or yet settle in at their current A/T Mazda 2.

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    Jul 2007
    The choices are pretty much evenly matched, and are all good-looking subcompacts. That being the case, I'd go for the newest model, just to be the first to have one, so I'd pick the Mazda 2. On a more practical note, the Mazda 2 would still be "new" a couple of years from now, while all the other cars you mentioned would most likely have been replaced by newer/facelifted models by then (except probably for the City which is also relatively new).

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    Jan 2005
    imho you won't go wrong with the jazz or the yaris. your sis should know though that a black car is hard to maintain

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    Jul 2008
    Mazda 2, Jazz is way overpriced... wait for the M/T its coming

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    Feb 2008
    Yaris for practicality and Mazda 2 if you prefer style. Jazz if you like both and have money to burn!

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    Jul 2008
    how about kia rio and hyundai accent? any comments about this cars?

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