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    Jul 2011
    I'm just thinking if we have small cars with diesel engines aside from CRDi Getz and BMW.

    I'm planning to buy a small car and I'm fond of using diesel engines.
    Getz crdi is on my list but I think my budget is not enough.

    If wala na. I'll go for honda civic hatchback (gas na lang...)

    Any suggestion?

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    Aug 2011
    Wait for the 2012 version of Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent.

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    Apr 2008
    There currently isn't any entry level diesel subcompacts available. The Getz is phased out already and the Accent's CRDi engine isn't here yet. The only way to get a diesel subcompact right now is to dig into the 2nd hand car market.

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    May 2010
    If you're willing to go to the pre owned market, the only choices available are the Getz and the Accent. Focus Hatchback is ok pero baka malaki for your needs.

    Here are some ads that can suit your needs:
    - Hyundai Accent 2009
    - 2009 Hyundai Accent
    - 2010 Hyundai Accent
    - 2007 Hyundai Getz

    Happy shopping!!

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    2005 matrix crdi.. engine is the same as the one found in accent/getz crdi...

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    Mar 2009
    Magkano kaya budget nung TS?

    Bakit kung walang choices, sa Honda CIVIC HATCHBACK siya mauuwi?

    Eh diba ang last na LOCALLY released hatchback is EG?

    And ang mga grey-market released naman ang EK9 and EP3.

    So magkano ....

    If yung EG, let's say mga 250k yung budget.

    Kung EK9 mga 350k

    Kung EP3, hmm not sure.

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    Jul 2011
    what does grey-market mean?

    gusto kolng ng porma ng hatchback. kahit lumang model. cool pa din.

    my budget is 150-250k pwde sa EG no? ayos ba ang EG models? concern ko lng kung malakas humatak kahit paakyat? marami kasi slopes dito sa lugar namin. and bka magamit din for Baguio or Rizal

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    Apr 2008
    Oh... for that medyo out of budget yung mga diesel cars na yan ah. The Hyundai Matrix CRDi might fit your budget. Mas mura siya sa Accent 2nd hand and has the same engine and more space.

    Di ko type yung EG hatch... sobrang luma na, 1.2L lang ang engine at utterly devoid of power amenities. Honda City Type-Z VTEC nalang kung performance and fuel economy in a gasoline car habol mo.

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    Jul 2011
    ganun po ba? sige I'll consider Honda City Type-Z VTEC
    I learned that EG hatch engines are replaced with D15B engines if that is the case maayos ba yung ganitong makina?
    I'm looking for power and fuel economy.

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    Apr 2008
    The EG Civic is very old na kasi. The last batch came out sometime around early 1996. It isn't normally good to buy cars that have undergone engine swaps. That would usually mean that the car was raced, and raced extensively since they arrived to the point of needing a more powerful engine to tweak. A raced car would have more stressed out parts, and therefore, more parts needing replacement. And then you have to make sure that the transplanted engine is a perfect fit which usually isn't the case.

    Might as well get the newer City Type-Z. The VTEC version uses the D15B engine if I'm not mistaken. And that is a perfect example of a car with power and fuel economy. Its performance is actually better than many newer subcompacts.

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