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    Oct 2011
    Guys need help, balak ko kasi bumili ng 2nd hand car budget is 200-300k. Those cars above ang choices ko (mostly sa budget ko mga 1998-2003 models lang mabibili ko hehe).

    Ang cinoconsider ko kasi
    > Unang una fuel efficient
    > Matibay
    > Hindi hassle sa parts and mura.

    ano sa tingin nyo ang pinaka ok sa anim? thanks in advance!

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    Apr 2008
    You can get a 2003 City VTEC for your budget and it passes all three requirements with flying colors. Another car you can consider is the Exalta. Its really comfortable, has got the most toys for that budget and is also the newest car you can find for this price range among your choices besides the City. Yung iba OK rin pero laspag o kaya luma nalang ang mahahanap mo at this budget.

Comparison of cars (Lancer/Exalta/Altis/Civic/City/Jazz)