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    Jun 2007
    balak kasi ng pinsan ko na paguwi nya ng pinas galing middle east, bibili sya ng pick-up.

    napag usapan namin ang 2 pick-up (colorado and ranger).
    can you help us, decide?

    thanks in advance!

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    Jun 2007
    next year mga april-may po ang uwi nya.

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    Nov 2010
    IMO the colorado won't be sold here (a separate discussion has been posted here also in tsikot, you might want to search for that), get the 2012 Ranger if it fits the budget, or the recently facelifted Hilux if you he is after loading capacity. The Navarrais also a good choice.

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    Mar 2009
    Ok yung Ranger. Durability and looks wise. Knowing Ford, almost all of their units are flood-proof ... in a way.

    Wag na yung Hilux, sobrang tagtag daw niyan eh. True enough, I see lots who have already changed their shocks to Bilstein to at least somehow dampen their ride.

    Yung Navara, ok din. Low ground clearance though. A minus if your cousin is into off-roading. Pero sobrang bilis ng Navara*. Impressive torque. And somehow sports a car-like ride feel. Plus naman kung speed-freak pinsan mo and loads stuff kagaya ng iba dito.

    Do also consider the Strada. Car-like ride feeling ( proven ), improved engine ( VGT ), ok bed space ( not for people who load LOTS, and I mean LOTS of baggage ), design-wise ... pwede na.


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    Aug 2004
    They're actually previewing the Colorado this week at the Chevrolet 100th year anniversary. So chances are pretty good they'll sell them here.

    We won't know how good the Colorado and Ranger are until they actually get here.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2011

    As an outsider looking in, i would take go for the 2012 Ford Ranger.

    The 3.2-litre is the only one out there running on straight-penta (5-cylinder) configurations and chances are it runs very smooth ---- smoother than a 4-inline and a V6 but not smoother than a straight six.

    The only other manufacturer that makes straight-penta's is Volvo, for their marine motors, and they are highly regarded for smoothness.

    Goodluck on your choices sir.

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    Nov 2010
    Looks like Chevy will be selling the colorado here. I was mistaken in my first assumption.

    First peek: Top Gear Philippines' January/February 2012 issue - News |

    Personally I still think the Ranger will be the more successful between this two if pricing is right.

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    Oct 2002
    The Ford is rated to ford standing water up to 800mm in stock configuration (no lift or snorkel).
    If Ford holds true to their promise of equipping their units with rear differential lock, hill descent control, and traction control (the only vehicle in its class that will offer those equipment locally) then Ford just won me over. I hope their quality is also good.

    The Hilux would've been nice (I like Toyota 4x4's) but my back is screaming in pain even after a short ride. You'd need to spend $$$ to upgrade the suspension. Something I'm not to thrilled to do in a Php1.4M++ brand new vehicle. Plus none of the goodies mentioned (diff lock, HDC, traction control). Toyota is still stuck in an age where they think they can sell on brand alone...

    Pagtiya-tiyagaan ko na yung stiff ride if they sold them at Foton prices (less than Php900k ang 4x4 model ng Foton).
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    Apr 2012
    Both trucks are already on our roads

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    Jun 2012
    may nakita na akong colorado kanina. IMO, mas macho tingnan ang colorado :D

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