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    Oct 2014
    What happens to the mighty Mux?

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    Oct 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by Ketib View Post
    What happens to the mighty Mux?
    the Blue Power 3.0 is too overpriced. theyll bounce back with the now affordable 1.9 Blue Power


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    Nov 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by GTcervan View Post
    Pag nakabagong honda civic, may perception diyan ang ibang tao pati na din mga ilang kabataan. Hehe. ��
    Perception of????

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    Nov 2017
    Malaki na difference sa price between fort and everest vs monty. Almost 200k cheaper si monty.

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    Mar 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by _Cathy_ View Post
    I don't like the design of the new monty, especially the tail lights. Apparently, I am a minority. hehe.

    Almost everyone thinks they are out of place ...

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    Mar 2004
    How come compact cars are only listed up to the top 3 ... and where's Mazda and Subaru in the list? ...

    Agreed ... weird choice of color combination ...

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    Mar 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by jut703 View Post
    I was also surprised that the L300 is still on sale, so they must've made the 4D56 Euro IV compliant.

    Speaking of the Vitara, despite all the hype it has on the forum, it's nowhere as in demand as the Ecosport.Quite surprising is that the Vitara didn't even outsell the Civic despite the market's preference for high-riding cars.

    Maybe the Mitsubishi L300 is just in the list because of high Jan sales of Euro 2 stocks ...

    Suzuki sales people got too greedy with the Vitara and turned off a lot of buyers ... or maybe they did not have enough stocks? ...

    With regards to the Mitsubishi Montero Sport ... just goes to show that most buyers prefer ride comfort over dynamic handling ... and the discounts helped a lot too ...

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    Mar 2004
    Toyota Innova does not really have a direct competitor ... closest to price and specs would be the VW Caddy Maxi ...
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    Mar 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by TheUninvited View Post
    Perception of????
    Pakboi daw sila. 😂

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    Mar 2008
    the innova has many competitors.

    manufacturers go to great lengths to up their models, to better compete against "same-level competitors' models".
    but sometimes, the decision on what to buy is even simpler than they imagine.

    to wit,
    "dad, instead of the bigger and more expensive innova, bilhin na lang natin ang _________. it's cheaper and smaller than the innova. it'll be easier to maneuver in our garage."

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