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    Sep 2006

    Planning to aquire a 2002-UP model ng Pick-Up,

    Preferably a 4x4 but ok din na 4 x 2.
    Budget is less than 500K
    Diesel but efficient and good engine
    Fuel efficient in its class
    Low Maintenance Cost.
    Medyo sporty and yet pang workhorse..

    Frontier / Ranger, trekker/ Strada / Isuzu / Toyota


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    May 2006
    I know how you feel. I had this same dilema before because I needed a workhorse for my business. Same criteria I might add.

    My first choice was the Strada but then got discouraged with its thirsty engine which also felt underpowered at certain rpms. I liked the Frontier that my brother-in-law tried to sell to me but then even he was complaining of how expensive Nissan parts are.

    I ended up getting an Isuzu Fuego although at that time it sold for about 580k but was in great condition. Super economical on diesel and the parts won't cost you an arm and a leg.

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    Dec 2006
    I've had a 98 fuego before and it was very fuel efficient but, i didn't like the noise and the black smoke. we also had a 4X2 2000 frontier and its the one we kept because it has a powerful engine and FC is 14-16 kms/l, strong a/c. and also, my current ride is a 2001 4X4 AT frontier...

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    Sep 2006
    salamat sa inyo,

    but, how was the maintenance of fuego? Frontier?

    What is the km/Li ng 4x4AT na frontier?

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    Jan 2003
    same dilemna here bro. how about toyota hi-lux? isuzu d-max, fuego? yun maintainance and fuel efficiency eh almost similar ba sa gen 2 and gen 2.5 mitsu pajero?

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    Mar 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by dongbadz View Post
    salamat sa inyo,

    but, how was the maintenance of fuego? Frontier?

    What is the km/Li ng 4x4AT na frontier?
    I had a 4x4 A/T 2002 frontier and it was not fuel efficient. I was only getting 6-7kms/L and 80% highway pa yun. The power of the engine is inadequate for an A/T so mahirap mag-overtake kaya siguro malakas sa diesel. Malakas din ang shift shock nung A/T. Mahal pa maintenance kasi ang laki ng engine (maraming oil kailangan). Pero kung meron sanang 3.2 na M/T at 4x4, pwede na. Mura pa.

    If you have a budget of 500k dapat ang vehicle ay 450k or less. You should allot 50k for possible repairs.

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    Aug 2005
    Try to see this:

    I remember that vid has part 2 and part2b.

    here it is

    enjoy.. sorry for posting the killing.
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    Sep 2006
    how about a 4x4 ranger? trekker? any feedback?

    Medyo mababa kc bentahan nito but I heard ok naman daw..

    How is the maintenance and the fuel consumption?

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    Sep 2006
    any iea about a ranger? ....pls...

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    Jul 2007
    Ranger is too expensive for you the price range is 1M and above...
    For your limited budget the only alternative for you is a Nissan Frontier 2.7E
    Unless,you'd settle for pre-owned....

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