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    Apr 2008
    If the TS will be open to slightly used units, it will open the doors to many more possibilities and avoid the initial depreciation too. A 1-2 year old unit is usually good as new. Better even since its been broken in already.

    1.2M can already get a PPV. Pogi points check, decent performance check, fuel efficiency check, extended seating capacity and cargo space check, parents' preference for bigger cars check...

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    Dec 2007
    A pre-owned 2015 Mazda CX-5 diesel is also a good option.

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    Dec 2017
    If you were to consider the second hand market, you can go to that CX-5 diesel. No words can describe the feeling of "being the car itself". Well, I might be exaggerating... For Mazda, you'll never go wrong. If you can stretch your budget then go for a new Mazda 3.

    Now among your choices, I vote for Civic. It's a great looking car and I always take a second look. I might as well say that the rear view of my car is no match for the Civic.

    By the way, a test drive can change your perspective. Give Mazda a try, and bring it near to its redline. And who knows, I might let you take a ride.

    Note: ride not drive Below Php 1.2M budget

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    Mar 2014
    I saw a Jetta displayed in SM Southmall. Just like any European designed car, looks very subdued. Priced at P1.1M with 2.0 diesel engine. Lady said PMS once year only, didn't ask what mileage. Only disadvantage of using a diesel in a city setting is the turbo cool down & you'd have to let the car loose in a HW every 2 weeks just to keep the diesel engine healthy.

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    Jan 2006
    If going used, how about a Subaru? Some folks in SFX community are selling their 2014/2015 Forester XT and WRX for around 1.2M. The non turbo Foresters and XVs are being sold for around 900k, even less for some.

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    No words will also describe once that Mazda diesel engine starts to need parts replacement ...

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    Dec 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Walter View Post
    No words will also describe once that Mazda diesel engine starts to need parts replacement ...
    I am now assuming that you have a first hand experience with this, basing from your statement. I hope you can share it with us in a separate thread, this will enlighten my ignorance about diesel engines. What I have is Mazda 6 diesel variant. I am looking forward for your insights.

    Going back to the topic, I don't recommend a second hand car unless you have the tenacity to learn and troubleshoot it. Go for the Civic or better yet, try driving a Mazda 3. One of our modulators here has a better say when it comes​ to car comparison, he owns a Civic and drives a Mazda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archerfish View Post

    Going back to the topic, I don't recommend a second hand car unless you have the tenacity to learn and troubleshoot it. .
    i agree.
    i once bought a second hand car... an ex-taxi!
    i learned a whole lot about cars, because of that one purchase.

    what was my most important lesson? don't buy ex taxi.
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    Apr 2014
    Really appreciate all the suggestions.

    Researched more about the Jetta and I must say, Iím honestly impressed! Exterior might be less exciting than other compacts, but its level of kit certainly trumps the competition, not to mention the German build quality (even if the carís from Mexico). Engine is very promising too! At this price point, this looks like one of the best deals. In the long run, will the running and maintenance costs of the Jetta be at par with the Japs? Also, is it all right to use regular diesel for the Jetta? AFAIK its engine is Euro 5 so will the quality of our Euro 4 diesels not pose a problem?

    The biggest caveat is that VW just released the next gen Jetta last January, so the current model could possibly be replaced next year at the earliest No problem for me though if they bring it in by 2020 pa, but it's kinda sad to see your car immediately become an old model right after buying it.

    As for second hand units, not really considering them. Because this is going to be my first car, I want to have the full experience of being the only owner of whatever it is I'm getting. Mahirap na rin since I'm not an expert when it comes to fixing up car problems which will be a big possibility in used cars, so better to avoid all that trouble.

    Thinking of adding Mazda 3 1.5 to the choices na rin.

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    Apr 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by jut703 View Post
    Funny coincidence - I've owned a Civic 1.8E, Altis 1.6G, and pickup (Ranger though, not Navara).

    Easily, my pick would be the Civic.

    Comfort? Check. It absorbs road imperfections with more finesse than an Altis, and is certainly way more comfortable than a Navara.

    Pogi points? Check. I'm not a fan of the stock rims though but that's a cheap and easy upgrade.

    Driving dynamics? Check. It has very, very good handling without sacrificing comfort and is more fun to drive than the Altis and certainly more fun than a pickup. The Civic is also easily the fastest among the 3, 0-100 in 10ish seconds and over 200 kph top speed.

    Fuel efficiency? Check. Though it has a bigger engine, I actually have similar consumption figures between my Altis and Civic. Not as frugal as a diesel pickup of course, but respectable given that it's a 1.8.

    Ease and affordability of maintenance? Check. Among the 3, the Civic has the lowest maintenance cost. Hondas only need maintenance every 10,000 km or twice a year, compared to the 5,000 km intervals of Toyotas. And compared to the Navara, it uses half the amount of oil so each PMS comes out cheaper.

    The Altis is a decent choice but I only really got one because it had a manual. If you're choosing between an automatic Altis or Civic, the Civic is better, hands down.

    The Navara is a decent and practical choice but you nailed it with your concern on the difficulty with parking and tight streets, plus the pickup bed which you don't really get to use often.

    So, yeah, Civic it is. Below Php 1.2M budget

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    Would like to commend the pretty solid stable you got there! Been checking out the Civic thread for a while now and I must say I really like your set up. Hopefully I could find a good set of wheels on a bargain if I end up with a Civic hehe.

    On a daily basis, which among your rides do you use most often?

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