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    Oct 2006
    Good am guys, just seeking advice, I'm thinking of trading my 98 adventure diesel for a 98 spacewagon, ayaw kasi ng family ko yung adventure, msyadong matalbog daw, from what i know ok naman ride ng spacewagon. Any advice on this, specially on the spacewagon's fuel efficiency?(does the 98 model have a 2 liter mpi engne?) thanks in advnce

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    Oct 2002
    We used to have one before and it is indeed more comfy then an Adventure... of course fuel efficiency won't be as good but you can expect around 7-8km/L with the manual tranny version in the city as long as everything is in good condition. It has a 1.8L EFI engine (around 113hp if memory serves me correct) and it can pull the car suffiently car even with a heavy load (unlike the older, carbed models). The a/c system is a bit weak though o dark tint will help pretty much.

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    local spacewagon have only a/c on the front..not sa rear. adventure is diesel pero not car-like ride ha.97+ units have EFI 1.8L engines and clear multi-reflector headlights.

    jdm spacewagon(chariots) have a diesel, auto aircon, dual aircon in manual(rare) and automatic.94-96 ung new look. 4g63 and 4g63t available din...

    both seats seven, pero siempre more AUV/truck based ang adventure than the galant-based spacewagon.

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    Oct 2005
    98 Adventure ba kamo? hehehe... matalbog nga yan!!!

    if i really like the Space Wagon, id get the local one and i'd put the rear AC from the imported(/Auction) one on it.

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    Aug 2004
    I'd prefer the local one, unless you can find a well-converted one... personally, though, if it's a choice between converted Spacewagon with unknown service history and keeping the Adventure, I'd keep the adventure, resale and residual value on a japanese import is crap.

    Opinions may differ.

    Spacewagon versus Adventure, the Spacewagon has less space, and the local ones only come with a gas engine, but they drive much better. It's like driving a Lancer with a bigger engine and more space.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2006
    thanks for the help, I'm starting to lean more towards the spacewagon. just in case I don't find a good one, will taking out one leaf spring improve the ride of the adventure? I'm also planning to switch to smaller rims (14s w/ 70/80 series) as compared to the 15s w/ 65 series I'm currently using. Many thanks again

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    Oct 2002
    The Space Wagon is more comfy and better to drive than the Adventure. The SW is essentially a Mitsubishi Galant wearing oversized clothes.

    I'd look for the later models with EFI, though.

    You can try inverting the biggest leaf on your Adventure and lowering tire pressure a bit to soften the ride. Try changing to el-cheapo KYB fluid type rear shocks. It might get a bit floaty, but its will be softer.
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    Oct 2006
    OK thanks, around how much would the kyb shocks cost now, and what's a good place to buy them?

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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by tim4h92 View Post
    OK thanks, around how much would the kyb shocks cost now, and what's a good place to buy them?
    Kabibili ko lang ng KYB shocks 600/pc bili ko sa HKT (pangalan yata ng shop) tapat ng Walco sa Banawe 650 pag hindi kilala.

adventure vs spacewagon