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    Aug 2010
    question lang po...

    Anu po kaya mas ok sa dalawa? Ive been hunting for cars na..pero i noticed na mas mababa resale value ng sentras compared to lancers, knowing na mas modelo yung small body version ng nissan

    Bakit po kaya? Anu po bang issues ng small body sentras?

    kumusta naman po kaya fuel consumption ng both 1.3 and 1.6 of both cars? Parts?...

    Thanks po..

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    Oct 2005
    hehe mas Ok for me ang Sentra.

    Go for the 1.6 EFI models.

    a link --->

    89-92 Lancer PHDM 92-95 Sentra PHDM

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    Jun 2009
    Better get the 93 model Nissan Sentra 1.6 ECCS. Much powerful, economical engine, strong aircon, better suspension. Those 89- 92 Lancers have poor suspension, weak aircon, less responsive engine. Better check the mileage and have a test drive.

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    Mar 2008
    the lower resale value of the nissans, is largely market perception. it has very little to do with product quality (i believe).
    it is always better to get the newer model, as parts are more plentiful. not to mention the expected improved technology..

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    Apr 2009
    If you can get a Lancer GTi (1500 cc EFI) in good condition, it could be the next best option after the Sentra Super Saloon.

    Even my tito's Sentra LEC PS still runs smooth considering the age of the vehicle bought used.

    Use the low resale value to your advantage.
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    Feb 2008
    dont get turned off with nissan. its just that nissan parts are more expensive than toyota but not by much naman. another is nissan has the reputation of breaking down easy... well not really. its still in the hands of the owner on how they use it. pero sabi ng mga buy and sell nissan parts break down more often than toyota and honda kaya mababa resale (i just dont know if its true).

    from the choice ill go for nissan na.

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    Aug 2010
    i'll go for the sentra eccs. i had bad experience with 89 lancer (though i learned how to drive from that car.)

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    Apr 2008
    Go for the Sentra. Its newer, uses DOHC 16 valves throughout the line with electronic fuel injection with the 1.6 variant, and has struts on all four corners. If you're getting the Lancer, get the '93-'96 "itlog" version.

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    Aug 2010
    thanks for all of your inputs...

    Last week lang decided na akong mag singkit..pero the heck..heto nanaman ako..balik sa dillema!!


    Thanks guys

89-92 Lancer or 93-? Sentra