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    Oct 2002
    I'm not really in the market for any of the two right now, coz wala rin akong pambili. Hehehe! Starting this thread para wala nang ma-o-OT dun sa "About the NEW CAMRY" thread ;)

    Anyhow, since this comparison is a bit Apples-and-Oranges, let's just keep it free flowing and anything goes, for as long as it's got to do with the new Camry and the current 3 Series. To facilitate comparison, please indicate what Camry model and what 3 Series model you are comparing.


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    Feb 2005
    Price-wise, you can get the highest Camry model (3.5Q) at around the same amount as the lowest 3-Series model (316i).

    Size-wise, the Camry is about the same dimensions as the 5-Series, while the 3-Series is roughly as big as an Altis.

    Power-wise, Toyota wins again. 272-hp V6 against the top-spec 325i (we don't have 330i here) which is only around 225. The 2.4 4-cylinder Camry has 170 hp while the 2-liter 320i has 150.

    Handling is where the BMW finally edges ahead. Its RWD platform and sophisticated chassis materials obviously beat the Camry's FWD and quite ordinary suspension. But ride is very good in the Camry, almost like a Mercedes. The 3-Series has a bit firmer setup but still very acceptable.

    Another factor where the 3-Series wins is in fun-to-drive. BMWs always offer great driving pleasure. The Camry should be better than its predecessors, but nowhere near BMW in terms of excitement.

    So to sum it up, the Camry obviously wins in space, performance and value, but the 3-Series is a more involving drive.

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    May 2006
    Plus. Well its a bimmer!!

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    Aug 2003
    wala nang 316i ngayon sa E90. at least locally, the humblest E90 is the 318i with a 4-banger.

    and the E90 is as large as a previous-generation 5-series (e.g. E39).

    that's why in the other thread i did not point out that the Camry has a size advantage, kasi midsize na rin ang E90.

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    Oct 2002
    Is the E90 really that much bigger, compared to the E36 and E46, and E39? Midsize na siya, pero smaller mid-sized? Sensha na, haven't really taken a look at the E90 up close. Wala na bang 316i? Kelangan ulit baguhin ng motioncars ang car chart nila.

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    Oct 2002
    im in between....he..he

    but leaning to the e90...sarap dalhin sa mga twisty roads

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    Oct 2002
    The E90 316i was only released here in limited numbers... it is quite bare but still has all the electronic safety gizmos found in the higher variants.

    Anyway - I'd still take the E90 anytime. A bimmer is a bimmer is a bimmer. Even a 10-year old E36 feels better than some of the newer vehicles. Its prestige doesn't water down over time as the flying-propeller logo has a high resale value here. And speaking of resale value, it is quite low for Japanese mid-size sedans.

    Though it all boils down to your properities... if you want comfort above a sporty drive then the Camry if the vehicle for you.

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    Nov 2002
    hirap nga na choice yan. parang quality vs. quantity of features. saya ngang magkabimmer. pero driving a 3.5L V6 is very very tempting. bandang huli, it's the car you'll love to look at in your garage after a few years and say "haaaay ganda ng auto ko" so sa bimmer pa rin ako. hehehe

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    Aug 2004
    Like I've said, it really depends on what you want.

    The Camry is really a poor man's Mercedes (seriously), I rode in the pre-facelift Camry in a one hour drive from Cauayan to Tugegarao and I was shocked by how quiet, comfortable, plush, supple and powerful it was. Seriously shocked.

    Now, despite the "upmarket" feel of the BMW, consider that the base Beemer has less kit, lower class internal materials than the six cylinder models, and a small rear seat (bigger than the older one, but still...) than the Camry, and in terms of luxury, it's no contest.

    In terms of performance, well, that's an interesting question... the Camry will definitely outrun the BMW on the road or on the track. Good handling can't make up for tepid acceleration... but for those of us so-inclined, the BMW will feel tons better to drive, more responsive, lighter, and actually even nimbler than the higher-spec 3-series cars with their heavier engines and ridiculously heavy and stiff run-flats and big alloy mags.

    One question: How can a 316 and a 330 both be 50:50 in weight distribution, considering the difference of engine weight, hmmmmm....? :hihihi:

    My heart says BMW, yes, but my bum says Camry.

    But if I wanted a performance Bimmer for the price, I'd get a 120i, but since they don't have it in MT, forget it.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    My heart says BMW, yes, but my bum says Camry.
    This is a nice way of putting it. Hehehe!

    The Bimmer is indeed a more involving drive. And indeed, although the V6 Camry will beat any of the local E90s in terms of acceleration, you're gonna come out with a wider grin after throwing the latter into some high speed twisties.

    But then there's the thing about price. About a P1.4M difference between the high end E90 and the 'Q' Gen 6, which is spec'd to Lexus levels. Perhaps par for the course for Euro sedans, but above Jap standards.

    Ahhh... Now if only I had the money to make the purchase...

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2006 Toyota Camry vs. 2006 BMW 3 Series