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    Oct 2002
    Isn't it funny how almost all minivans these days are so much better equipped than the "luxury" cars that costs so much more?

    What do you get with high end luxury other than wood and leather? hehe.

    Look at the Maybach, Rolls, etc, the best they could do are stuff light self tinting glass, expensive wood/leather and cupholders at the back..

    While even low end minivans have nice A/V systems, lazyboy like seats (check the new Previa post), the space, etc...

    La lang...

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    Dec 2003
    well probably coz the manufacturers know that their buyers are filthy rich and dont care bout value for money, brand n prestige are the buyer's priority ;)

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    Nov 2002
    when you buy luxury buy them for the prestige and use it as a status symbol not for value, and the maybach not only has that special frosted glass but the airplane-like rear bucket seats..

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    Jan 1970
    yup... value and luxury rarely appear in the same sentence together :-)

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    Jan 2005
    Maybach, Rolls, Bentley, etc are limited production cars. Most of the interior stuffs are also hand made by some of the finest craftsmen - while mass production cars are assembled by machines (of course with people operating them).

    How can a car manufacturer make money when Honda makes/sells more than 300,000 units of each of their cars (well, not all but most) compared to Maybach who prolly makes 200 to 500 units a year?

    If Lamborghini and Ferrari sells 300,000 units a year on each of the models they sell, I would guarantee that they would never sell their cars * $225K and up. I would guess it would be around $50K or even less.

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by hagiber
    yup... value and luxury rarely appear in the same sentence together :-)
    that goes the same with gourmet foods, imagine eating frogs, eels, fish eggs and pay a fortune for it.

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    Dec 2003
    Para sa akin yung pangalan ang binabayaran dyan kaya ganun kamahal ang mga tulad ng Rolls Royce, Maybach etc.
    Pero kahit na ganun I still like to have one of those luxury cars..

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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue
    that goes the same with gourmet foods, imagine eating frogs, eels, fish eggs and pay a fortune for it.
    Hey, some places do charge a fortune for frog legs and "salmon roe" at sushi bars! I guess, exclusivity is a prime factor. But I am sure that those people who can afford these luxury cars also apprciate a good value. For example, I myself would love to have some ballot from time to time but I do enjoy savoring some of the finest french cuisines. You buy these cars because you can and you buy them for what car magazines say they can do. Honestly, what the chance of needing 500 hps on the road? The car might as well have a million hps since we all still have to abide by the speed limit. Unless you retain a good attorney

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    Aug 2004
    Luxury? If Ford would release a Lincoln version of the E150, that would be all the Luxury any executive could need. Soft quiet ride, good cruising, terrific lazyboy captain's chairs.

    Of course, a luxury car is never a logical buy. My uncle bought a Jaguar, for example, a couple of months ago. When we were talking before the purchase, I said: "Of course, the XJ6 will give you everything you need, but then THIS one is a much more exclusive car..." so he got the more expensive one... the XJR, because it was "nicer" in terms of image and exclusivity. It's the same reason he went for a BMW 750 instead of a "mere" 730.

    BTW, the extra horsepower isn't practical, but it does allow for smoother acceleration and lower engine speed at cruising. Big engines don't only give good quick acceleration, they make slow acceleration much more comfortable, less jerky. Which is how Toyota, Honda and Nissan can justify having bigger engines in the new Accord, Cefiro and Camry.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

Lack of Value in Luxury Cars...?