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    Dec 2009
    Hi Guys! Would like to seek your advice to help us finalize which of these two would be a better buy. Already passed docs to my bank and is just awaiting approval. Currently have 300K on hand to use as D/P. Here are my dilemas between these two:

    Pros: Price is cheaper (589000 due to huge discount). Bigger cabin, bigger trunk space, bigger engine. Have nice experience with casa near us (family currently owns Navara EL A/t). Nice color option (Metallic Blue). Higher ground clearance (150mm). Reviews are great.
    Cons: Interior color (dumihin). Old 4A/T (?). Style is not that appealing. No Fogs. no kits installed.

    Pros: Style is good (stock kits). CVT. Interior color (low maintenance). Easier to park (hatchback). Reviews are great. FC is greater (small engine), white black top is our choice of color for this one. n
    Cons: Price (no discount at 735000). No experience on Honda CASA. Space is smaller compared to Almera.

    This will be my primary car since I'm already done driving M/T (current primary car is Chevy Spin Diesel M/T). 60 Kms per work day is my minimum travel distance. Usually travels alone so space is not a priority.

    Any inputs is much appreciated! TIA

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    Feb 2014
    sulit almera. i'm already about 90% decided to get the base model as a backup car 442k lang kasi but yeah it looks like an early 2000's car 4at isn't really an issue for this type of car in fact i'd prefer 4at over CVT

    brio is cute. just get the non-RS version. body kits are silly. and blacktop is a solar energy absorber

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    Jan 2006
    If you’re being practical, just get the Almera. You will save more than 200k.

    If you’re getting the Brio, just opt for the midtrim CVT model. No point getting the RS model unless you really want the extra bling (body kits).

    If you can spend a bit more, check out the midtrim City or Jazz. They would be much better over the Almera or Brio.

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    Jan 2008
    kung everyday car mukhang ok na ang almera.. just keep it stock and use it as intended.. pwede mo na din maintain yan outside casa para mas tipid.. its just a basic car..

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    Nov 2009
    I'd get the Sentra for its higher ground clearance and ease of maintenance.

    I'd let go asap of the Spin, its one endless money pit unreliable product of GM.

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    Jun 2011
    Almera din. Panalo sa money to car ratio.
    Puwede lagyan ng synthetic seat cover na medyo dark para maintenance free interior. Panalo din blue color, bihira lang sa small cars dito.

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    Jul 2013
    Really tough decision.

    I love the Honda suspension, pero my sis in law has the Almera and its very comfortable to drive, lalo na sa city (parang ang gaan)

    I agree na old-school yung 4A/T (will choose CVT all the time) pero mas mura din yung Almera

    I like the Brio since it's a hatchback, pero may Navara ka na, so di mo na kailangan yung cargo benefits ng hatchback.

    I'm in the middle here, test drive before you buy!

    If you decide to get the Brio, go for the RS. At least you get a better head unit and better looking front seats + rear spoiler.

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    May 2014
    re:almera interior
    di naman mahirap mag maintain ng beige interior kung di ka naman baboy sa auto
    yes it gets dirty, wag mo lang patagalin at linisin agad

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    Oct 2012
    My beige interior after 430,000km can be cleaned naman.. why be afraid when you can have it cleaned by someone else lol.

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    Feb 2018
    didn't the almera get huge discounts recently? sobrang sulit less than 200k nalang hulugan mo kung sakali hehe

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