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    Dec 2003
    yup 320i price range nasa SiR territory, tough choice hehe

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    Oct 2005
    my experience:
    E36 BMW 316i

    a friend of my dad lend us his 316i for a week one time and here's my take...

    Power-1.6L SOHC 8V i think. WIK also is that it only produces 100 or 105hp? but certainly lower than most Japanese 1.6Ls circa 90s e.g B13/B14 Sentra 1.6L 110hp, Corolla AE101 1.6L 115hp, Civic EK 1.6L 125hp etc.

    ive already driven it before and it seems fast although it's not really. it emits nice engine sounds that makes you feel fast. gas consumption makes 8km/l. consumes much like a Lynx...

    Handling is sweet and it should be cause its not that fast nga. surefooted and consistent in the manner of the Europeans, even though it's rolling on still goes where it's pointed even though it only has 15inchers shod in 195/65R15 tires. still tossable and fun.

    Dash is solid and free of quivers although hard and fading in color and doesnt have much of a content....well, afterall, its a base BMW.

    Suspension is resilient, with good aplomb on the bumps. structure is solid like a vault. hammers down the road with a general sense of substance lacking in most Japanese 1.6L sedans which on the contrary feels light.

    Cabin is cramped and very European with big headrest, heavy doors, power window switches surrounding the shifter, bulky seats. also, i find the materials durable though not aging pretty well. older Mercedes i think has better materials.

    316i? ...maybe 320i with its 2.0L inline6 engine

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    Dec 2005
    Bias ako, but we have both Corolla and BMW 316i and masasabi ko na ibang iba talaga yun BMW. The stock 316i is pretty bland but with a set or rims then maporma na kaagad sya. 316i cost about 2 corollas of the same year. Maintenance cost is ok barring any engine failure or computer problems. Di naman sya mabagal, it just accelerates slower because it's heavier than the normal jap car, by the time you get to 80kmh, it's not long before you get to 120. Tipid sya sa gas, I have the 95 model and i get 9km/l.

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    Oct 2002
    Ganyan sasakyan ng pinsan ko. Ok naman. It's a BMW you can drive every day. 10 years old na pero feels like new pa din. And it's a Bimmer. Ang layo ng 'feel' compared to your typical Japanese sedan. The doors feel airtight, the structure feels SOLID, the interior materials are top-notch (especially considering that this is the 'base' model), kumpleto din sa gamit (EWD, first aid, tool organizer, etc.).

    Power? Hindi naman siya karerista. Power is adequate unless gusto mo lang talaga ng 'bragging rights' kung wala na kayong mapag-usapang matino ng mga friends mo. They have a Civic and Miata also, btw. Maintenance cost is bearable since it's the engine computer that computes the intervals and usually, lagpas 5,000kms naman siya magtatawag ng service stop.

    Nilagyan lang niya ng 17" rims, ang layo na ng porma compared to their 7th Gen Civic.

    I road tested a 316i that was being sold for Php430k recently (sold na siya). Sobrang kinis, complete records, and talagang maalaga sa gamit/sasakyan yung may ari (he showed me his other cars and his home).

    [edit] May pics nga pala sa Gallery yung pinsan ko (medyo old na yung unang pic, student days pa):

    *May sticker pa sa backglass
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    Nov 2002
    OTEP, iba ba yung mags ng harap at likod?

    316i is really underpowered once you tasted the power of a BMW inline 6.
    BMW is selling itself as an ultimate driving machine but the 316i isn't, although it is a better handling car than most jap cars. Buyers of second hand cars tend to think of maintinance in the long run and these BMW will start to show problems and parts for replacement will be expensive comapred to japanese cars.

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    Jul 2006
    thos 316i's are the ones made by Columbian motors and had the reputation of crappy build quality.... kaya nde deserving of the BMW badge ang mga SKDs na binuo ng Columbian... and of course the low resale value...

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    Oct 2002
    My tito has one ('99 model na local) and he's pretty happy with it. As long as you don't have any major mechanical problems then service is still bearable.

    It won't win any stoplight contests but fuel consumption is okay and roundabout power is more than adequate.... it's the handling and driving feel that's pretty much the advantage of this car. If you learn how to use it properly you can leave behind higher-HP japs on those twisties. ;)

    Look around and try to get one with a service history and a from a 1st owner.
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    Oct 2002
    Taken during different times po yung tatlong photographs. It now rolls on 17's on all fours.

    To some people (like me), power is not everything. That's about the only thing lacking in the 316i. But it is a very substantial automobile in most other aspects. And with the fire-sale prices they are going for nowadays, you've saved enough for any repairs that might be needed.

    10 years is not that old. That's about the mean age of our vehicles here. Hindi pa naman nangyari sa akin yung 'nagsulputan ang sakit' horror stories I keep hearing about. Yes, faults start to occur and show, but most are easy to rectify anyway.
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    Oct 2002
    hmmm...anu ba ang katapat sa Merc niyan 316?

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    Oct 2002
    C180 ata. Not sure lang po.
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