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  1. FrankDrebin Guest
    Guys need your help!

    Marami kasing carwash shops sa village namin. Nagde-detail daw sila pero gamit nila rubbing compound.

    So I developed this business plan of having a "garage" detailing shop. For additional income 'ika nga.

    Nagtetraining ba yun Meguiar's sa Kamias? Magkano ba yun?

    Tulong naman.

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    Oct 2002
    frank! uy kamusta si OJ,
    dapat ma train ka muna ng mga meguiars or 3M or whathaveyou, kasi important diyan is yung knowlegde, tapos umpisa ka na bumili ng mga gamit, buffing machine, detailing kit......., dapat meron ka ring kilala sa touch up kasi baka ma pudpod yung paint lalo sa mga edges kasi manipis lang pinta diyan

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    Oct 2002
    Detailing is 90% skill 10% product and tools...

    Unless you, as a owner, knows the ins and outs of detailing, the biz will not go beyond the stature of "just another tabi-tabi shop"...

    You can obtain training from Simex (Kamias Meguiar's), just ask any of the guys there, preferably Alec Santos.

    Even after the training, it'll take an experienced eye to know what problems can be solved by what process...

    Your main obstacle is not how to find customers but how to convince your customers that you know your craft...

    I see too many startup detailing shops (or individual) riding the "Meguiar's bandwagon" so to speak.

    This is unfortunate coz no matter how good a product/brand is, its effectiveness is only visible under skilled hands...

    Detailing is a good business if you can perform the job well... Unfortunately, about 8 out of 10 "Meguiar's Detailer-bannered" shops that I visit, they don't know much about detailing... Basta kumintab ok na...

    I'm not trying to stop you from having one... I do think that it's a good business to get into, but make sure you know what you're doing and you know what to expect...

    Damaging customers' car paint or interior is not a joke...

    Ask yourself if you can consider yourself as a capable detailer... If not, are you willing to be one... it may not be a good idea to venture into a pure service business if the owner isn't knowledgable in the field...

    This is probably one of the more "result-oriented" business in the automotive market. Unlike other services, you can't blame the parts, inventory or supplier for faulty results. Sagot mo lahat yan...

    A good detailer can make a show car out of grocery brands, a poor one will only make a car look worse even with the most expensive product.s

  4. FrankDrebin Guest
    Magkano kaya pa-train dun?

    BTW, you mean Nordberg?

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    Oct 2002
    Kausapin mo nalang si Alec, yung may ari... if you express your intention to open a shop, I believe na if you've reached a certain amount of product purchase, libre na yung training mo at ng tauhan mo...

    Ang alam ko 2 week training lang yun...

  6. FrankDrebin Guest
    Thanks for the advice theveed.

    I hope I can be as good as you.

  7. FrankDrebin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed
    Kausapin mo nalang si Alec, yung may ari... if you express your intention to open a shop, I believe na if you've reached a certain amount of product purchase, libre na yung training mo at ng tauhan mo...

    Ang alam ko 2 week training lang yun...
    Balak ko kasi practise muna.

    Start muna ako sa car namin, ng nanay ko, ng tatay ko, ng utol ko, ng tropa ko, ng pinsan ko, ng tito ko, atbp. Ewan ko lang kung papayag silang pagpractisan ko yung mga kotse nila.hehehe.

    Practice to perfection muna diba.

    If ever, I don't plan to open a big shop that includes 'tao'. Siguro kung sing-galing na ako ni theveed, ok lang.


    Yung sa "Stuffs I Like" sa forum mo, magkano kaya estimate mo pag binili mo lahat yun? Parang aabot ng Php40,000. Detailing materials palang yun wala pang equipments.

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    Oct 2002
    Yung sa Stuff I like? Over the years mga yan eh... hehe, on average, I buy a new wax, polish, cleaner, etc once every month or two, just for kicks... mga iba sa bahay di ko pa nabubuksan...

    Yung plan mo to practice ok yan... Don't tell them na pagprapractisan mo, offer them free basic detailing nalang... for sure naman you can only make the car look better (not worse) as long as you're using safe products and techniques...

    It's a wise idea to bring your car to Alec, have it detailed (kahit 2 step process ok na) and watch while they do it... 90% of the time, Bob (the guy who watches over the trainees and workers) will be there, he can explain to you every step of the way if you ask him naman eh...

    If you have any questions like when to compound, when to polish, how thick paint is, etc... They'll answer you naman eh, madadaldal at accomodating mga boys dun...

    Once you know the basics, practice ka na ng practice...

  9. FrankDrebin Guest
    Siguro pagkapintura ng auto, pasyal ako dun.

    me lumobong kalawang sa taas ng rear wheel, ano ba tawag dun?

    dyahe naman kung magpapadetail ako ng me bukolbukol. hehehe.

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    Oct 2002
    tambay ka lang dun kahit di ka magpadetail... ask about services and stuff...

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