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    Oct 2002
    Does regular use of high pressure washers
    in cleaning your car have any detrimental
    effect on the paint?
    You know, with too much pressure on the
    water spray, is it possible that some dirt will be
    imbedded on the paint instead of being
    washed off?

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    Oct 2002
    Based on experience, none. I think their pressure is not enough to implant dirt on the car's paint. Some of the dirt will just be washed off.
    In our case, we use a heavy duty pressure washer (forgot psi). Most pressure washers have built in filter to prevent pebbles and miniscule dirt from coming in the washer. Some pressure washers have adjustable nozzle spray which you can use depending on the purpose. If you're gonna use it to wash the car's body just adjust it to a wider nozzle spray. To get rid of those tough dirt in your undercarriage, just adjust it to a narrower nozzle spray.
    If pointed directly, most heavy duty pressure washers used in most gas stations can destroy cemented floors but it won't damage your car's painted surface. Tried this experiment on my former ride.

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    Oct 2002
    I'm not trying to have a debate here, but pressure washers are just tools, and like any tools, there are proper and improper ways to use it...

    Car paints are very very soft, even when wiping it with a towel, you'll bound to scratch it one way or another, you can only minimize the damage by being careful. Chieffy, not to argue or anything, but there's no way that .005mm of car paint sitting on a thin sheetmetal be stronger than a solid concrete structure. The damage may not be readily visible, but I'm pretty certain that the paint bond has been affected. Everytime a body panel flexes, the paint's strength is compromized. It's just physics.

    As a rule of thumb, use a wide spraying nozzle instead of a stream. A shower or stream pattern generates quite a bit of pressure, no matter how weak your pressure washer is, have you tried holding your hand in front of a nozzle in less than 6"? It's very painful.

    Always hold the nozzle at least 2 feet from the surface and use the sprayer at ang angle of at least 45deg...

    Honestly, using a pressure washer to wash car surfaces is a bit of an overkill, if the car is dirty enough, using a pressure washer will just be the same as sandblasting the car's surface... A steady, soft flow of water will be more helpful on removing loose debris beofre washing is much preffered.

    Even using a high pressure sprayer is not recommended for most new engines, but most people (washers and mechanics, especially) have gotten used to pressure washing the engine compartment of carb-engine days... Newer cars are sensitive to moisture, and using a high pressure stream will only increase its chances of water penetration...

    Just remember that in most cases, you will never need a strong pressure to clean any part of the car... If you find something hard to remove, you may just be using a wrong chemical to remove that certain dirt... Using more pressure will not help... Just like trying to use a pair of pliers to remove a screw, you may be able to remove it, but wouldn't it be easier if you used something right (like a screwdriver) in the first place?

    I just don't see the reason why you have to go through the risk when a safer and more convenient option is available.

  4. FrankDrebin Guest
    I think they are good in underchassis cleaning.


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    Oct 2002
    I agree with the opinion here. We have a high pressure washer, which we used before to clean the car. mas convenient ang plain stream of water from hose just enough to loosen dirt while wiping lightly with an MF towel. Our p washer is now gathering dust in the garage.

  6. kt is offline Verified Tsikot Member
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    Nov 2002
    me i also use a pressurized washer to clean my car. but i only use it for the lower parts of the car like the tires, fender walls, n the underneaths :lol: wen cleaning the upper part i just use regular hose while wiping with a soft chamois

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    Oct 2002
    I just bought kasi a new pressure washer.
    Before using it to wash my car, I used it
    to clean my garage and driveway. Ang
    lakas pala nun. Lahat ng lumot at accumulated
    dirt doon sa driveway natanggal. It used to take
    me a steel brush to remove the lumot.
    Kaya nervous tuloy ako na gamitin sa kotse.
    Yeah, I'll just use a wide nozzle spray setting...

  8. yebo8 Guest
    adjustable naman pressure nyan eh. there is a pressure regulator. loosen the lock nut on the regulator then unscrew the adjusting screw to lower the pressure. then pag gagamitin mo ulit for needs na kelangan ng high pressure e di adjust mo na lang ulit pataas.

    it can really scratch your car lalo na pag may dirt yun car. pag tama ng high pressure water dun sa dirt, it will act like sand paper! kaya sa car wash pag gritty yun dirt sa car mo what they do is wet your car first using low pressure setting then loosen the dirt with soap. pag banlaw lang nila gamitan ng high pressure when the dirt is already off. well at least dun sa car wash na pinupuntahan ko ganun.

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