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    Nov 2002
    ano kaya problema pag may moist around the aircon vents? ok pa naman ang lamig nya pero parang mahina na yung blow nya.

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    Oct 2002
    Madumi lang sir yung mga "fins" sa loob ng aircon. Time to have it cleaned. Aircon technicians recommends cleaning every 6 months. Casa recommends every year. If you got your 2nd hand, probably madumi na sa alikabok. General cleaning ang ipagawa mo....I suggest casa kasi calsonic system ang aircon ng frontier. What's the difference between normal one?!? Beats me?!?

    my 2 cents.

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    Oct 2002
    Pwede ding baka nagyelo na ang evaporator mo dahil todo temp.

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    Oct 2002
    Ako kapag nag-aircon ng bukas ang bintana nagkakamoist yung paligid ng aircon vents. Bakit ako naka-aircon ng bukas ang bintana? Ewan ko din.
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    Oct 2002
    Nagkakamoist talaga yung aircon vent area ng Frontier (pati steering whell, rear-view mirror, shift knob, etc) after you turn it off.. especially if you run with the windows open.

    On the blower, i did notice that the blower of the Frontier is a bit weaker when compared to the other blower settings (i.e. The 2 setting is like the 1 setting on our Sentra)... If you find it too weak, then you can have it serviced/cleaned.

    During the hot summer days, i find myself running on 3 and 4 setting sa blower. The aircon is cold but the blower is just a bit weak... what i did was i had the entire front tinted with 3M Magic Neutral, ayun ayos na.

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