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Will Motorcycles Be the New Normal For Commuting?

All of humanity is now fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, with most people agreeing to strict implementations of community quarantine. The directive is a consolidated effort on almost all sectors to contain the virus and flatten the curve. Many nations are making progress in fighting the pandemic, while the others are still struggling with the steady increase of coronavirus cases.

Given this situation, some countries cannot sustain their economy’s stability as it crashes at high speed. They need to lift the quarantine and let people work to regain the massive losses in livelihood that the pandemic caused.

As people slowly return to their work, their daily commute may have become a challenge as some public transportation services are still not allowed to operate as a preventive measure against the spread of the virus. Many are finding alternative ways to reach their destinations.

Carpooling is one of the solutions but has a limit on allowed passengers, while other people ride a motorcycle as their solution to commuting. Motorcycles may be seen as a more natural means of transportation for the new normal of commuting.

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing and sanitary measures are a part of public commuting today. Buses, for example, may limit their seating capacity to fifty percent of the previously approved total seating capacity. These ordinances have been put in place to practice social distancing among commuters. But riding a motorcycle means that you won’t need to worry about other people that will get near you if you are riding a bus. You have full control of your perimeter, and you can stay away from crowded commuting stations.

Open Air

Coronavirus spreads through fluid transmissions and scientists believe that the virus is capable of spreading at a higher rate in enclosed spaces. If you are using air-conditioned buses, private cars, and trains with other people, you have a higher risk of getting infected with the virus. Unlike when you are riding a motorcycle, you will be out on the streets feeling safer than in a confined space with an artificial ventilation system.

Smart Motorcycles

Motorcycles use fuel to make their engine run. It emits carbon monoxide, which is very harmful to the environment. Good thing there are smart motorcycles that are available on the market today. Smart motorcycles emit a lesser carbon footprint, which increases air quality. They are also quiet, smoother to drive, and can also give out the power and speed that you desire.

One of the top trending gadgets today is the e-scooter. There are already plenty of commuters who are using electric automotives like e-scooters for their daily commute. They are also good alternatives for commuting, and you can easily store them in a small space.

Drive Safely

Motorcycles are fun to drive, but riders are vulnerable to accidents and injury. Its size can be hard for other drivers to see when on the road, especially when they are not in the proper lane. It is best that when you ride a motorcycle, you follow all the rules of the road as if you were driving a car or truck. Observe proper distancing and obey speed limits at all times. Do not forget to wear appropriate protective gear for your safety. This website lists the importance of wearing a helmet and how it can help save lives, so make sure you wear one.

People are adjusting and adapting to the new normal because of the pandemic. It is a necessity for everyone to cooperate to defeat the spread of the coronavirus.