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Blockchain to autonomous vehicles: Automotive technologies changing the game

It is no secret that the world as we know it has been through many great innovations throughout human history (and even before, of course). The latest and greatest of these innovations is without a doubt the rise of the digital era. Along with this rise of the digital era has come the undeniable awareness and overall scope of knowledge that the way of the world is changing around us. Even (and especially) right now, we are seeing the modern world continuously find its footing and establish its presence more than ever. Every aspect of life as we know it, every corresponding industry, has felt the weight of this truth in its own way.

Like the rest of the world, the recent innovations and investments in the automotive industry have pivoted more and more definitively towards technological advancement and empowerment. The automotive industry has always been an important industry. This has never changed, however the nature of the industry and its ongoing evolution has changed, evolving to realign with the way that the modern world is moving. There have been many great feats of technological advancement over the years, and each of them has played its own important role in the industry as it stands today and as it is likely to evolve onwards.

The autonomous vehicle

The journey towards the rise of the autonomous vehicle is one of the most exciting and promising innovations to impact the automotive industry to date. While we have not yet reached the point where fully autonomous vehicles are around, we are now seeing the first semi-autonomous vehicles roll out of manufacturers and onto the roads around the globe. These vehicles represent an incredibly exciting moment for automotive as a whole – and heading into the future. As exciting as all this is, there is so much more happening too.

The blockchain framework

The utilisation of blockchain technology in the automotive industry is another technological influence that is turning the automotive industry on its head in the best and most impressive of ways. Through blockchain technology, the manufacturing process of car parts around the globe is expected to become a lot safer and more secure in the coming years. This is largely thanks to the fact that blockchain tech processes in the manufacturing tier of automotive can and will register all car parts, indisputably registering them on an international blockchain framework and preventing the creation and sale of counterfeit car parts around the globe.

The future of automotives

Each of these innovations in automotive technology has more than proven its value time and again. Going forward, we are going to see a whole lot more of this – and then some. Whether it is the process of ordering a car body glass replacement, or the purchase of a highly anticipated autonomous vehicle, the automotive industry that spans the globe is only going to get better and better as time goes on. This is just the start as far as technological advancement and influence in automotive goes. The best is yet to come.