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Back to the Present. The DeLorean is back

The DeLorean Motor Company has designed and prototyped the new version of the classic DeLorean. But hold on a minute … the new DeLorean will not go into production at this stage. This is due to recent law changes in the United States allowing low volume manufacturers to produce a limited number of vehicles within a regulatory system that addresses the unique safety and financial issues associated with limited production. Hence, the DeLorean is bringing back the 80’s classic-cult DMC 12.


DeLorean Motor Company was founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland by John DeLorean and the DMC 12 went into production in 1981. The signature gull-wing doors, innovative fiberglass chassis underbody structure and a brushed stainless steel body made this car an instant classic. Its controversial founder was arrested for drug trafficking in 1983, carrying USD24 million worth of cocaine. He has been released by the company went into shambles.


The vehicle was then modified to become the time machine in the classic movie trilogy Back to the Future and has since acquired a cult of followers and lovers.

We really do have to give credit to Back to the Future” says Sarah Heasty, DMC Service Manager. “To me, that movie is really what kept the DeLorean from becoming another Tucker, or another Bricklin — just one of those oddball cars that someone came up with and just came and went…”


The Texas based DeLorean Motor Company, which owns the brand name and the inventory of parts, has since 1995 been working exclusively to restore and maintain existing DeLorean cars. However, with the recent law changes, the company is working to resume production of the classic DMC 12. As you don’t get much power from the original engine (only 130 horsepower), the company is researching on a number of engines between 300 and 400 HP. The car will also receive other minor changes like bigger wheels and modern interior. It is expected to cost around USD100,000.

If you want to own a classic DeLorean DMC 12, you can fill in the pre-order interest form. As of November 2016, DMC received 600 pre-orders.