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Do’s & Don’ts When Buying a Used Car

Do’s & Don’ts

when buying a used car



Visual Inspection

Look out for rust, water damage, offset doors, fenders, cracks, and differences in paint color.

Rush the Purchase

Take your time inspecting the vehicle and getting necessary information. You don’t want to regret a quick decision.

Mechanical Check

Check all fluids. Make sure coolant is clear. Also make sure transmission, oil, and brake fluid are the correct colors.

Accept Issues

If you see problems, mention them and request the seller to fix them. If they won’t fix them and you’re still happy to buy the car, negotiate a discount!

Vehicle History

Ask for a Vehicle History Report, repair invoices and receipts if available. Be aware of all new parts. In addition check registration information.

Buy Unseen

Always physically see the car before purchasing. Pictures can be very misleading. In addition, there are scammers promissiong to bring the car to you if you pay first. DON’T ACCEPT THAT.


Speak up if something is wrong or you notice an issue. If the seller won’t fix it, maybe you can get a discount!

Listen to Music

When test driving the car, make sure you don’t have the music on. Music can mask suspicious noises and rattles in the car.

Meet Safely

Always meet in a public place, like a bank or gas station, to test drive and exchange money. This way no one has to feel unsafe during the transaction.

Ignore Insticts

If it feels wrong don’t be afraid to walk away. Trust yourself. There will always be another car for you out there!