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    Jan 2006

    Volvo has issued the following press release:

    Here are the first photos of one of the year’s most talked about debutants – the new Volvo C30. A sporty design, two doors, four individual seats, and a glass tailgate give the C30 a unique character that will attract new Volvo buyers.

    The new Volvo C30 will be unveiled for the public at the Paris Motor Show in September, and production will begin at the end of 2006.

    “The new C30 is a cool car. A car that aims for a group of young singles, or couples, with an intense urban lifestyle. These people prioritise excitement in design and driving characteristics, and this car is designed to suit their taste and lifestyle,” says Fredrik Arp, President and CEO of Volvo Cars.
    The volume target is 65,000 cars per year. Volvo expects that 75 percent of the buyers will be in Europe and the largest markets are Italy, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom.

    Dynamic front and fast silhouette
    The design of the production-ready model is in tune with the Volvo C30 Design Concept, which was presented at the Detroit Motor Show at the beginning of the year.
    The front retains its dynamic character, with the angled headlamps and the low, wide grille.
    Viewed from the side, the distinct wheel housings and sloping roof give the new C30 a fast silhouette, which is further enhanced by the extreme boat-shape of the side windows.
    The shoulders at the rear are powerfully rounded and are accentuated by the horseshoe shaped lighting pattern of the tail lamps, and the glass tailgate. The spoiler at the upper edge of the tailgate is available in two different versions.
    “The C30 has plenty of muscles in a sporty and compact package. Anyone who recalls the Volvo SCC (Safety Concept Car) will recognise the exclusive and convenient rear tailgate. The distinctive tail lamps ensure that no one will be uncertain about which car they have in front,” says Volvo Car’s Design Director
    Steve Mattin.

    Styling for individualists and room for four adults
    The new C30 has room for four adults thanks to the two separate rear seats with generous head and leg room. The rear seats are slightly centred to provide a feeling of space and a good forward view.
    The space between the seats also makes the thin, visually floating centre stack clearly visible through the glass tailgate.
    The interior program has been designed to meet the target group’s taste for personal choices. Even the base program offers, for example, upholstery in three attractive colours.
    “The C30 is about “customised functionality”. There are a lot of possibilities for personalisation and the car has all the right and cleverly designed solutions that the people who choose this type of car want,” says Håkan Abrahamsson, who heads the C30 project.

    Range of engines from 100 to 220 hp
    The new Volvo C30 has a wide selection of engines, ranging from a 100 hp, four-cylinder 1.6-litre petrol engine, a clean and efficient four-cylinder, 1.6-litre diesel with 109 hp to the five-cylinder D5 and T5 turbo engines, providing 180 and 220 hp respectively.
    At 425 centimetres (167 inches), the C30 is the smallest member of Volvo’s model range - 22 centimetres (8,5 inches) shorter than the Volvo S40.
    “A car that exudes muscular manoeuvrability must live up to the promise of its looks when you are behind the wheel. Therefore, the C30 has a chassis that offers sporty driving characteristics, regardless of whether you choose the 1.6-litre diesel or the T5 engine,” says Håkan Abrahamsson.
    Even in the base model, the Volvo C30 offers a high-class audio system – and true audiophiles can choose the Premium Sound system, with a digital 5x130W ICE Power amplifier from Alpine®, Dolby® Pro Logic II Surround, and 10 loudspeakers from Danish Dynaudio®.

    First class safety
    When it comes to safety, the Volvo C30 is a true Volvo. Among other things, it is available with BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), which helps the driver to identify another vehicle in the blind spot at the rear sides of the car.
    The front has the same patented structure as the S40 and V50. Combined with airbags and safety belt tensioners, the C30 offers first class safety.
    The safety equipment naturally also includes the Whiplash Protection System, WHIPS, and a Side Impact Protection System with side airbags and the Inflatable Curtain, IC.

    “The new Volvo C30 plays an important role in our push towards a volume of 600,000 cars a year. We are broadening our model program to make it possible for new, younger customers with an intense, urban lifestyle to choose a Volvo with the right appeal as early as possible,” says Fredrik Arp.

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    cute rear..same boring front but ok lang..resale nalang siguro problema nito locally

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    -Shomare/ CSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    cute rear..same boring front but ok lang..resale nalang siguro problema nito locally
    I think Volvo's status in the local market has already improved a little, it may not be as good as BMW, but I believe they are still doing better than Audi here in the RP and continues to be one of the top selling luxury/premium brands in the country along with BMW.

    Its closest competitor, the 3-door Audi A3.
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    Could it be derived from Ford Focus platform?

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    Ang cute naman itong C30... mukhang Vel Satis

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    Quote Originally Posted by medyas
    Could it be derived from Ford Focus platform?
    I was going to ask a similar question, which platform is this based from?

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    maganda ba yung volvo c30? magkano ba mag maintain nito or any volvo cars?


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    Maganda ba talaga?Yung exterior oo pero yung performance eh hindi at maraming car magazines)Top Gear UK,CAR,Test Drive,AUTOCAR UK,etc....) ang agree rito,mas ok pa nga yung Ford Focus ST kaysa rito...

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    Jan 2006
    Volvo C30 2.4i (170PS) local price P1.6M

    Not just a ***y body

    When I first saw the C30 Concept at the Detroit Auto Show in 2006, it was love at first sight; a beautiful Swede, svelte and ***y, yet muscular and sophisticated. Clearly, this car wasn't solely conceived to gather dust on auto show floors.

    It's now arrived on our streets, virtually unchanged. That's good news.

    Sporty looks
    Okay, we're already quite used to the look of the C30's front end, since it bares a strong resemblance to the S40 sedan and V50 wagon. But the design of its hindquarters draws the stares, with its climbing taillights and inclined hatchback.

    In addition, the car doesn't seem to pack on any excess weight or love handles. The designer of the car deserves a good glass of Absolut vodka to salute his work. But wait! This designer is a Quebecker that goes by the name of Simon Lamarre. Okay then, someone get him a Molson Canadian, he deserves it.

    The C30 makes me remember about the 480ES, a car that I saw in automotive magazines when I was young, but was never sold in America. It also carries family traits with the P1800ES, a hatchback version of Volvo's famous small coupe. So, a nice tradition continues for the Swedish brand.

    The tested 2.4i model has a sporty and aerodynamic look; the T5 gets more-aggressive bodywork, though. Let's just say that the base model is fine for me: it modestly and discreetly draws attention.

    An engine that's up to the task
    The 2.4-liter 5-cylinder is pleasing. It seems that an engine with an uneven number of cylinders is hard to tune, since the lack of balance causes vibrations. However, Volvo seems to do wonders with their little motor, as the 2.4i has a smoothness that impresses me. This 168-hp and 170-lb-ft engine is as responsive as Volkswagen's 5-cylinder, but the former's soundtrack is more pleasing, especially at idle.

    In full-throttle acceleration however, the 2.4i has a nice throaty growl. 0 to 100 km/h takes about 8 seconds, and passing power is also good, thanks to the generous amount of torque. The clutch and shifter are particularly easy to operate.

    But the C30 isn't just fun in a straight line. With a good tire size on 16-inch wheels, as well as a nicely-calibrated suspension, I can't resist throwing it through highway off-ramps and twisty roads, the car keeping its cool and with minimal body roll. And yet the suspension isn't too stiff for urban stints either. I appreciate its nimbleness.

    Tight interior space
    The cockpit of the C30 is the first place where we can start addressing some shortcomings. At 5-foot 10 (for now), I feel just right behind the wheel. But people bigger than me might find the inside of the car somewhat small. If you're tall, know that the addition of a sunroof cuts headroom by 23 mm, which can make a difference.

    I like the Volvo's T-Tec synthetic upholstery, especially instead of leather. I liked it in the S40 I drove last year, and in this application, it's mixed with cloth accents on the seats: a nice combination, in my opinion.

    In back, access is difficult, but once in place, I was comfortable. At least Volvo didn't try to install three sets of seat belts back there, since they know darn well that a car of this size will never sit as many people. So, only two passengers can sit back there, with a central fold-down armrest.

    The controls are all well-placed, but a small detail bugs me; the ignition key must be inserted high on the dashboard, which I don't particularly like, especially if we carry a very busy keychain. However, I really appreciate the ventilation controls, with the illustration of a body: very intuitive to use while driving. The base sound system performs well, despite having only 4 speakers; I would've liked it being able to read MP3 files, though.

    The hatch opens pretty easily, and cargo space is acceptable. However, all objects that will be placed in there will be visible to everybody; I have to be careful when carrying valuable objects. A cargo cover is available as a Volvo dealer accessory; in fact, the company calls it a sunshade. Whatever its name, I strongly recommend it.

    This C30 2.4i has a base price of $27,495, and is equipped with the Premium package ($2,150), which adds heated seats as well as a power driver's seat with memory, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, dual-zone air conditioning and aluminum trim. Total: $29,645.

    What can we compare the C30 to? If we look at premium hatchbacks only, we can consider the Audi A3 2.0T ($33,800), the Mini Cooper (starting at $25,900) and the Volkswagen GTI ($29,375). We could also take a peek at the new Nissan Altima Coupe 2.5 S ($27,798). In the case of the C30, I think the $27,500 price is reasonable, but options quickly add on to the final price.

    Those who like to draw attention will be happy in the C30; it's very beautiful and fun to drive. It will also please both men and women alike. The T5 version might be more powerful and better-equipped, but it's too expensive. In my opinion, a base 2.4i with no options is the best choice.
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