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    Quote Originally Posted by bobi711 View Post
    [SIZE=3]I recently bought a diesel automatic careens in Southern Luzon, Philippines[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]First, the good things.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]air-con is very good.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]the interior is spacious.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]plenty of gadgets [/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]lighting panel is impressive.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Now the bad things.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]As cautioned by previous reviews, the after sales service of KIA is lousy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]After a month of using the Carens on smooth roads and about 20 kms. a day, I saw three (3) wires protruding from the left front Hankook Optimo tire that came with the car. They wouldn’t replace it. They’ll tell you they’d refer it to blah-blah but after a month of this and that, nothing.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]the suspension is too low that when you go down from an embarkment, you’ll hear a loud thump from the underchassis. It will guarantee to break your heart every time you hear it.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]when you go up a hilly road, there is so much noise and the car is huffing and puffing. In Tagalog, hirap ang makina.(the engine is having a hard time going uphill).[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]first gear is so noisy.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]there is side-to-side wiggling at low speeds.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]paint is bad. There are small, white round splotches on the paint and they will not buff it for free.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]paint easily gets scratch off no matter how well you take care of it.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]interior gets scratch too easily compared to my Toyota. Because of the cheap plastic.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]going back to the suspension being too low, you’ll hear a thump when you park front first in malls with barriers at the parking lot. Again, your heart …[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]pang-babae ang Carens.(a car for women) Test drive it and you’ll know what I mean.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]there is considerable noise even when windows are closed. Try test-driving it in SLEX, you’ll hear the sound from the barriers. Ask your children to count it by the sound they’ll hear.[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=3]marami pa (thre’s plenty more) but my heart bleeds for an almost one million investment.[/SIZE]

    good day to u bobi711. hope u get to remdy all those not so good things that ur new carens is making ur heart fibrillate. we were considering ur ride but tnx to the net ( with their reviews, etc) we forego of the plan. it sure is a big headache considering these things should not be for at least 4-5 years in most of the other rides. mura nga compared to others of the same nga lang mapapa.... ka naman. wondered also why a popular car authority mag gave this carens a good overall review. hope ur piece gets to awaken people in kia of this unfair bargain. tnx for the info.

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    With due respect, but i must say that this is so much of a hassle. when a user logged in he/she should be directed to the thread he's supposed to post comment/reply and not be redirected to announcements such as this. it troubles to again search for the thread that i was reading and intending to post.

    i hope you'll consider this kind of comment in improving the site.

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