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    i think mas maganda na compute the F/C manually(km/l). mas precise yung ganun.

    - Fill up your tank to the first click-off and reset the trip odometer to zero.
    - Drive.
    - Next time you come to a gas station for a fill-up, write down your trip odometer readings, fill the tank the same way, to the first click-off and write down the amount of fuel it took.
    Now you've got what you need - the amount of fuel used and the distance travelled between fill-ups. To calculate your km/l, divide the total number of kms driven between fill-ups by the number of liters used:

    km/l = kms driven / liters used.

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    "ang sarap din kasi idrive ng jazz, its so small na parang ang dali isaksak wherever + I enjoy the F1 shifting sa steering wheel, which is really fun for me. "

    You might be using too much fuel, kasi mas "Fun" sya idrive.
    How much are you revving w/ Jazz and Altis?
    Ex. Start stop traffic, Jazz revs up to 3k. Ur Altis, just around 2k.
    Mas titipid talaga ang Altis.

    Pero kung na stuck ka sa Divisoria during December. Mas titipid ang Jazz. :D

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    Baka parang yung mom ko dati na nag-drive habang naka handbreak.

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    Better check everything. Highway route should be around 13 km/l for the Jazz.

    But the most accurate way to tell... take the EXACT same route on two consecutive days. Fill up when you leave and fill up when you get home. Then note distance travelled in both. Part of the problem may be some inconsistency with the odometers of both cars. If the odometers read similar (within 1-2 km of each other over the trip), then the problem may be something else.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkboie View Post
    Thanks for your response guys, though I drive both cars now, since my mom has purchased a new car already. The reason I asked is because, as much as I like driving my Altis, ang sarap din kasi idrive ng jazz, its so small na parang ang dali isaksak wherever + I enjoy the F1 shifting sa steering wheel, which is really fun for me. I will repeat my question, perhaps its my fault I didnt deliver it well as it should be.

    Parehas silang full tank, parehas silang 40liters ang kinarga (gas coupon) at iisa ang driver (ME), parehas ang route going to work and back home, both casa maintained, the other car has smaller engine 1.3cc and literaly a smaller car, 2005 model (JAZZ), then my altis 1.6G A/T 2002 model where in I make 430KMS a full sized sedan a bigger engine ang bigger wheels. fyi my work is at sta.rosa & I'm coming from better living, d traffic at chateu elysse all the way to bicutan exit is terrible 45mins nayon agad, then straight open road all the way to sta.rosa. everyday 5days a week.

    Ive asked some of my friends who drives a jazz, meron isa nakaka 410kms pero sagad nayon as in naka lit ung fuel nya nonstop na.

    Hindi kaya, nas matipid talaga ang Altis????
    this is about correct, jazz has 42 liter fuel tank capacity, altis has 55 liters, you should be able to confirm this on your specs booklet. from low fuel warning light (reserve is around 12-15 liters) to automatic full tank, jazz will be approx 30 liters and altis 40 liters, so that 380/30 = 12.7 km/li for jazz and 430/40 = 10.75 for altis. i also have both 1.3 jazz and 1.6 altis both automatic, my route is also mix 60,hw/40,city.

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    "I enjoy the F1 shifting sa steering wheel, which is really fun for me. "

    May paddle shifter po ang 1.3?

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    ^ Meron.


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    Quote Originally Posted by robot.sonic View Post
    ^ Meron.

    ahh eto po yung CVT version pala, sorry didn't know, thanks for that info pero matipid na yan sir compared sa jazz ko ngayon

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    Oct 2002
    Not sure lang ha but maybe you are driving your Jazz the way you drive your Altis. Syempre, lalakas sa gas yun.

    Doesn't make sense? Ganito yun. The Altis is a 1.6L car. Bringing it up to speed doesn't take much effort on the engine and once you attain your desired speed, you could just cruise lang. If you keep your habit the same with the Jazz, tendency mas aapakan mo ang gas more often and deeper kasi you want the Jazz to accelerate as fast as the Altis. And keeping it at the desired speed may take more effort on the 1.3 engine and eat more fuel.

    To maximize talaga ang fuel efficiency ng Jazz, you need to change the way you drive and lower your expectations of the Jazz with regards to performance. Kaya nga naka 1400km sila, cruise to the max yun, keep it below 1500rpm, no aircon, and foremost, they drive at night and early morning when there is no traffic at all.

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bat ganon ang lakas sa gas ng jazz ng nanay ko, eh 1300 nangalang yon